Poem of the Week: No Handouts. Just Respect. (Generation Gap part II)

DISCLAIMER: The following poem is dedicated to everyone, regardless of whichever generation he or she has been born into, who is willing to overlook the superficial differences between his or her age group and those of the rest of the world and work with others, young and old alike, to help make the world a happier, healthier, safer, and overall better place within which to live. As such, no offense is meant towards any reader middle-aged or older who doesn’t hold a contemptuous attitude towards today’s young people, regardless of what flaws the more visible and audible members of said age group(s) have demonstrated over recent years. That being said, if I receive any sort of request to compose and post a poem directed towards today’s youth, chances are that I will fulfill such a request. That being said, please enjoy the composition below and feel free to share with whomever you believe will get anything out of what I’ve written.

Thank you.

Dustin M. Weber


No Handouts. Just Respect. (Generation Gap part II)
October 12, 2016

So here we go again, middle-agers and old timers, with this game,
Making fun of and insulting the younger generation
‘Cause our case was never like theirs. How narrow-minded, inane,
Narcissistic, childish, and petty of you “grown-ups” of the nation!

Yes…forget about looking beyond the superficial
Differences between us and them. Let’s just blindly attack
Today’s youth for whatever ignorance they possess. How judicial!
Seriously, though, no it isn’t, so stop being such two-faced hacks.

Stop playing the same belligerent game that the generations before
Yours did with you when you were young two to four decades ago.
Learn from your elders’ errors and stop being such self-centered bores.
Stop feeding off your own jadedness, and instead, try letting it go.

Stop whining and crying like you did with the “mess” your parents left you
Rather than simply screwing in your heels and cleaning it up
And showing the grit that would’ve earned you the glory you would’ve been due.
No…instead, you curled up in the corner like beaten pups

And whimpered and sniveled while your siblings got up and busted their asses
And tried to set things right for everyone, themselves included.
They didn’t waste time with arbitrarily assigned age groups and classes
Designed by marketers to sell their goods to those whom they’ve secluded,

Nor are your siblings crying foul over not getting what they deserve
For all the work they’ve put into helping society survive
In the wake of you indulging in your own sick vices, you pervs!
Yeah, thanks for keeping innuendo and crude language alive!

To think, too, that you solely blame the youngsters for their values,
Clearly blind to what you’ve been feeding them for a decade-plus now!
Can’t you see that it’s not them alone for our future being “screwed”—
That you, too, have played a part in its corruption? And how!

But no! You just blow it off like it’s not your problem anymore,
Regardless of how you’ve contributed to the problem at hand
And have failed to help your siblings right the wrongs that remain in store
For generations to come all ‘cause you’re too lazy to stand

And fight for a better future, even one from which you’ll be gone,
Free from the miscreants you claim are messing things up today.
Yes, such sickos indeed exist, but all amongst the young? No! Wrong!
Alas, I know you’ll just take the easy way out and say so anyway.

I’ve become so used to such flippancy from your kind for so long that I
Wonder why I even bother expecting you to act your ages.
After all, if the stereotypes that colored your generation were lies
That gave you a nasty reputation that has lasted through the ages,

Then what about those that likewise color the young people of today?
Aren’t they, too, exaggerations to a perceivable degree?
Aren’t there young people out there who’ve been working hard day after day
To overcome the personification you so all too often see?

Don’t you see young people contributing to society positively
And proving that they care about more than just their own wants and needs,
Battling the obstacles before them the way kids like you and me
Tried doing so back in our day, no matter how much they’d sweat and bleed?

Don’t you see them trying to shake off the vile stigma folks like you
Have smeared onto their generation like curdling butter on toast,
Regardless of their more recognized kindred who far too often poke through
And bare their faults for the world to see with little to nothing to boast?

There’s never just one side to any tale, which you should know well by this time,
What with the vicious pattern to which you’ve succumbed that you’ve come to repeat—
A carrying-on of a twisted tradition that’s proven tragic, pals of mine,
All ‘cause your kind’s taken the easy route, not the proper one, hence the defeat

Of society as we know it. Way to cave in to self-righteousness!
Way to ignore the problems that don’t directly affect you, sirs and ma’ams!
You could’ve been working with today’s youth to help them rise above the stress
And help them better carry things on for ages to come down the line. Hams!

Alas, you’ve made them all pariahs—a rule for which you’ve made no exception—
Insisting they’re all demanding handouts when all they really need are
The tools they need to overcome all that stands ‘tween them and resurrection
For a social structure that’s still in shambles and hence still bears quite a scar.

Quit writing them off as whiners, then, for I’m sure whining’s what you’d do
If you were faced with the odds today’s youth have been up against for so long.
Don’t write them all off as beggars, either, just ‘cause their kindred tend to.
That’s naught but a stereotype, and as you should know, such labels can be wrong.

If the stereotypes for your generations have been proven wrong time and again,
Then so can that which you’ve painted today’s youth with, so why not set aside
The hate and mistrust you have for them and work together with them, friends,
So that we all can rise from the ashes of a world that we’ve all thought has died?

Everyone has his or her baggage. Everyone bears a cross.
Everyone matters in the world’s grand scheme—more than we’ll every know,
And this segregation we’ve put on ourselves has only put us at a loss,
And if we don’t even try to overcome this absurdity, we’re at a loss.

It’s time to cut the crap, then, and move on together as one—
Beyond the superficiality to which we’ve all succumbed.
It’s time we all worked together beneath Heaven’s burning sun
And put an end to all our problems and not rest ‘til the job’s done.

To Hell with the notion of “handouts,” then, and all who ask for them!
Let’s instead show some respect to those who are willing to roll up their sleeves
And do their part in fixing and inheriting the world that awaits them
So that it’ll be strong by the time the old amongst us must leave.


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2 thoughts on “Poem of the Week: No Handouts. Just Respect. (Generation Gap part II)

  1. Damn straight! This whole petty, childish labeling of generations is nothing more than a glorified attempt by marketing bigwigs to sell us their crap. Psychiatrists and sociologists use it, too, for (one would hope would be) more benign purposes, but even then, these labels have only divided American further and made a solid portion of us color those of a given age group with unflattering generalizations that only apply to a given (i.e., the more visible) portion of that demographic. It’s not fair for any given generation, nor has it ever been, and I’d really wish the masses would knock it off with these trite and inane titles like “Baby Boomers,” “Generation X,” and “Millennials” and the generalizations that have been fitted to each, as they’re all just so superficial, artificial, and bogus as all else.

    Great write-up, my friend. Keep fighting the good fight! 😉

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