Bonus Poem of the Week: Movies and Other Media

Movies and Other Media
August 31, 2016

Pretention and unoriginality
Bringing things to the verge of fatality.
Refusal of those in charge to move on
Churning out crap, clueless about what’s wrong,
Feeding the mindless masses with lowbrow dreck,
Which they gobble up, saying, “Hey, what the heck?”
Worse—tasteful, witty stuff often gets ignored
Or dismissed based on genre ‘cause folks got “bored”
While the past is reborn for a cheap, quick buck—
A shell of its former self. What sad, sad luck!
Crass, heartless, empty humor sprinkled throughout
While gratuitous profanity folks shout,
Making the hapless curse in turn like crazy,
Wondering how the big wigs could be so lazy
In making stuff actually worth something,
Leaving today’s youngsters with mostly nothing
To recall fondly from this generation
As the crap continues to sweep the nation
And will keep doing so ‘til someone stands up,
Screws his or heels in and shouts “‘Nough’s enough!”
‘Fore taking things over and making things right
And helping great tales once more be brought to light.
Alas, such a stance takes courage and power,
Which seems not to be the fad of the hour,
Seeing as too many people seem content
With all the time watching thoughtless trash they’ve spent.
Hopefully, things will change, though I cannot say
If we’ll even be alive to see that day.
Would it kill us to at least try? I’d say no.
Can we change things at all? I’d like to say so.
After all, change never comes through inaction,
Nor does sloth in the end grant satisfaction.
Sadly, effort alone won’t bring change about,
For we need, too, someone we can trust to tout
Good work to the masses and show it’s out there
In hopes they’ll wake up and at last start to care.
Problem, though: Such folks are already busy
As things stand hawking filth ‘til we’re all dizzy—
The same kind of filth against which I’ve just railed.
I’d rant some more, but that ship’s already sailed.
Keep your fingers crossed, then, and hope tomorrow
Will see these trends die along with the sorrow
And good tales will be told like they were back when.
Alas, ‘til then, we must still buckle down, friends,
And dedicate ourselves to that day’s great dawn
When talented folks finally right the wrongs
We’ve suffered through for far too long as things stand
In this gluttonous, greedy, grief-stricken land.


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