Poem of the Week: Another Random Inspiration Poem

Another Random Inspiration Poem
August 23, 2016

Always whining,
Always complaining—
Complaining about work,
Complaining about life,
Life so complicated,
Life so chaotic,
Chaotic and frustrating,
Chaotic for everyone.
Everyone suffers.
Everyone struggles—
Struggles at home,
Struggles at work.
Work on what you have to.
Work on what you’ve got.
Got to pull yourself together!
Got to shape up!
Up against a wall?
Up between a rock and a hard place?
Place your head in the game.
Place your feet on the ground.
Ground yourself.
Ground your goals—
Goals you want to accomplish,
Goals you know you can achieve.
Achieve success,
Achieve greatness—
Greatness you know awaits you,
Greatness that lies within us all.
All you need is faith.
All you need is discipline—
Discipline to plan the future,
Discipline to work hard,
Hard for what you want,
Hard for what’s best for others,
Others who believe in you,
Others who care about you—
You for all you’re worth,
You in all you do.
Do what’s right for them.
Do what’s right for yourself—
Yourself your own maker,
Yourself your own keeper,
Keeper of fortune,
Keeper of prosperity.
Prosperity can be yours.
Prosperity for tomorrow.
Tomorrow can be yours.
Tomorrow, then, straighten yourself out.


Author Pages: Smashwords.com


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