Bonus Poem of the Week: Don’t Like It? Then Leave It!

Don’t Like It? Then Leave It!
August 5, 2016

Don’t like it? Then leave it and don’t come back.
Don’t sit there stamping your feet like the brat
You are and demand that things go your way.
It ain’t gonna happen ‘cause that ain’t the way
The people to whom you’re whining operate,
So spare us all your pettiness and hate
As well as your misconceptions of perfection.
You want change? Shut up and make your defection
‘Cause you keep on bitching ‘bout the same damn thing
Every time you open your mouth to sing,
Even when you finally get what you want
‘Cause you apparently can’t help but flaunt
Your asinine opinion of one tiny thing
Over and over again until it stings
The brains of those unfortunate to read it.
We get it, nitpicker. Now shut up and beat it!
Also, I’m sure you’d say the same thing to us
For getting so upset and causing a fuss
Over something we’ve read that we could’ve ignored,
But now you’re spamming your opinion like you’re bored
When once could’ve and should’ve been enough,
But no! Once wasn’t enough of the stuff
In your little mind ‘cause you’re trying to change those
Of the people running things with your groundless woes.
Have your opinion if you want, but stop
With the constant ranting, which’ll get you nowhere, pop.
Just grow up and move on. That’s all there is to it.
Don’t want to operate that way? Screw it!
You’ve had your say, sir. Now cut the crap!
We’re sick and tired of your petty, childish rap.
You’re just being a pain. That’s all there’s left to say.
Now please crawl back into your hole and stay
‘Cause you’re adding nothing to anything anymore
But a pain in our necks. Mine’s especially sore.


As Colin Mochrie would say... "SHUT UP!!! JUST SHUT UP AND DO IT!

As Colin Mochrie once said…

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29 thoughts on “Bonus Poem of the Week: Don’t Like It? Then Leave It!

  1. Amen! Reminds me of some immature jackass on Facebook who keeps bashing Wayne Brady over and over again on WLIIA’s homepage. And the big baby’s in his FIFTIES, for crying out loud! And into FART JOKES, of all things! Just goes to show, I guess, that the old saying rings true: “Growing OLD is inevitable, but growing UP is optional.”

    Seriously, though, I’d like to see that self-righteous, braindead troglodyte waddle his fat ass up onto that Whose Line stage–or ANY stage, for that matter–and be able to put on even HALF of a performance the way Wayne has over the years, even at his absolute WORST.

    Take care! 😉 ❤

    • Thanks for your feedback, Regina! As for that individual you brought up…what can I say? Some people are just that adamant about having their opinion heard, I guess. “It takes all kinds,” as the saying goes. Don’t worry, though. I doubt that Whose Line will fire Wayne Brady any time soon, what with him having been one of the show’s most beloved performers over the years and one of their executive producers. Trust me…he’d have to so something extraordinarily stupid to lose his job with the Whose Line brand.

      Incidentally, I don’t see Wayne as being the cancer of WLIIA at all…or anyone else on the show, for that matter. If anything, it’s the lack of games that the players have been playing that’s been killing my interest. Sure, they can only play a certain select games with the celebrity guests they’ve been having since the CW revival, but there have still been so many classic games that the program’s had over the years that the cast still hasn’t touched yet—specifically Superheroes, which I’m surprised they haven’t played once, even with them being on the CW, where DC superhero shows have been quite popular for a long time (The Flash, Arrow, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, etc.). Plus, maybe it’s just me, but the CW’s broadcasting of their summer lineup has been kind of a mess this year, what with them only having finished airing WLIIA Season 11 this past July and officially airing Season 12 after eight weeks or so since coming back on the air late this past May. Don’t even get me started, either, on the network’s scheduling of Masters of Illusion or Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Seriously, we’ve only had nine new episodes of MoI this season, and we’ve seen so many reruns from last season it’s enough to make one puke. Two evenings ago was no exception, as the two episodes that the CW showed us were both reruns.

      At any rate, thanks for stopping by to check my stuff out. Have a great day!

      • Tell me about it. All you need to do is take a good look at the CW revival of MadTV as the network has aired it to see just how messed up their scheduling has been. I mean, August 16, 2016 would mark the four-week anniversary of the show, and what does the CW decided to do? Air a rerun of one of the episodes they’ve already put out there. Oh, and if you’re waiting for a new episode of Masters of Illusion this coming Friday, don’t bother. Yeah…MoI Season 3 is only nine episodes in, and yet, we get TWO WEEKS of back-to back reruns. Whatever happened to the days when we would get TWO new episodes of this particular show each week rather than one new episode and a rerun or TWO RERUNS BACK-TO-BACK? I could go on with other scheduling mess-ups of theirs, but the ones I’ve already mentioned especially tick me off.

        Oh, and BTW…great poem, dude! 😉

      • Just to add to what Marcus had already said about the CW’s summer lineup, this week will mark an ENTIRE WEEK where WLIIA will NOT be available to watch on ANY NIGHT. Plus, MoI will be having its THIRD FRIDAY NIGHT IN A ROW OF RERUNS, and MadTV will be REAIRING THE SECOND EPISODE OF ITS 2016 REVIVAL this coming Tuesday while Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will be a THREE-WEEKNIGHT-STRAIGHT airing of its latest series, My Last Days by Jane the Virgin’s Justin Baldoni. UGH!!! What is UP with this stupid network’s schedule?!?!?! Find a better time of the year to air your new shows, CW, and stop sabotaging your current shows. And PICK A DAMN DAY on which to air them, for crying out loud, you IDIOTS!!!!!

        Sorry for the all caps, but DAMN, I’m livid!

      • MoI double reruns on September 2. FIFTH WEEK IN A ROW!!! Sorry for the all caps, but DAMN! The disrespect they show this program is ridiculous. If they’re going to just keep airing reruns like this when the common people know for a FACT that every episode of this season has been PRE-TAPED and can EASILY be shown week after week throughout the ENTIRE SUMMER SEASON as it’s been scheduled for, then they might as well just cancel it altogether. I mean, I like Masters of Illusion and all, but come on! The way the CW treats it is simply deplorable and makes no sense at all.

      • Your frustration is duly noted, Colin, and I don’t blame you at all for it. Unfortunately, even I have no idea what the CW’s thinking when it comes to the broadcasting of their summer programs. All I know that as someone who actually likes Masters of Illusion and used to support it regularly, I sincerely believe that the show deserves better treatment than what it’s been getting.

        Truth be told, though, the first episode of MoI that’ll be airing tomorrow night will be episode 0309, which originally aired on July 29, 2016. Hopefully, this is a sign of an upcoming change in which the show (i.e., episodes 0310 to 0313) will continue to air as usual/expected throughout the rest of the month. It’s no guarantee, I’ll admit, seeing as I don’t work for the CW myself and thus can’t speak on their behalf, but still, any sign’s worth noting at this point.

        Thanks for your response, and in the meantime, keep your chin up. Things won’t stay so messed-up forever.

      • Great news, gang!

        September 9, 2016 marks the first official Friday in five weeks in which the first half-hour of back-to-back episodes of Masters of Illusion will be guaranteed brand new! Tune in to your local CW Network station @ 8:00 P.M. EST (7:00 P.M. CST) to catch it!

    • Are you talking about this guy?

      Yeah, he’s an ass…always whining about how Wayne “ruins the show” (for HIM) and “isn’t as talented” as his fans think he is and how he “never does anything new” on Whose Line…even though Ryan and Colin are also guilty of having jokes that they drill into the ground and other forms of go-to material upon which they rely. Hey, even Jeff Davis has been guilty of that in recent seasons, and Jeff’s one of the most talented “fourth-seaters” the show’s ever had. What’s worse about this “Bart Carfizzi” is that he keeps on repeating the same argument over and over again with little to no variation, and when he does, his grammar is some of the sloppiest I’ve ever seen for someone his age. Honestly, he comes off as more of a spoiled, bratty, and–if I didn’t know any better–racist ten-year-old than anything else.

      My advice: Just blow him off. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about and is only whining in vain in hopes that the Whose Line team will one day listen to him and kick Wayne to the curb, which we all know they never will.

      • I know, right? I mean, five days ago, we had an episode where Wayne was off on account of playing a role in Kinky Boots on Broadway and Brad Sherwood took his place, and instead of simply shutting the hell up and actually ENJOYING the episode, Mr. Carfizzi felt the need to come on to Whose Line’s Facebook page and spend most of his post the next day whining about Wayne “not doing anything different” and all that jazz. I didn’t even mention the three IDIOTS who thumbed up his comment, either. Did they even read what he’d said?!

      • They’ll never listen to him. If Whose Line refuses to get rid of the celebrity guest gimmick that their show has had for the past three seasons after so many fans taking issue with it since day one (which they still do to some extent today, BTW), then they’re not going to listen to some fat, lazy slob from Who Cares, USA who keeps bitching and complaining like a spoiled rotten child about Wayne Brady every chance he gets.

        Screw him! He’s a joke of a human being, and everyone knows it. I’ll bet you anything, too, that if his band EVER decided to book Wayne as a special guest for one of their shows and Wayne accepted, this idiot would do a complete one-eighty and welcome the guy with open arms. Either that, or risk having his bandmates bot his ass out of the band and leave him unemployed for the rest of his life.

      • You’re telling me. Even Joel Wong, who was a MAJOR Whose Line basher back in 2011-2013 would bring up different aspects of the show and its spinoffs that he didn’t like whenever he went out of his way to whine or mock it. This Bart Carfizzi asshole, on the other hand, is just a broken record, which makes him–surprisingly enough–even pettier than Joel ever was.

        It just gets to a point with these Whose Line detractors (and detractors of ANYTHING in general) that if they don’t like it, then they should just shut up about it and stop watching. That’s how I’ve been at several moments in my life when it came to things I USED to be a fan of. If that which I loved didn’t love me back, I stopped supporting it. Simple as that. Sadly, not everyone operates that way, as I’ve noticed SEVERAL former Whose Line fans openly complain over these past four years about how the show’s not as good as it used to be (cruder humor, almost weekly reliance of celebrity guests, the same old games over and over again, etc.) and announce that they were no longer going to watch the show just because of [Insert excuse/reason here.]. It’s just ridiculous…although not as ridiculous as Mr. Wong having pulled what he pulled (which he no longer does, THANK HEAVENS) and the crap that Mr. Carfizzi’s been doing. THAT crap is just plain pathetic and needy.

      • Yes, behavior like you’re describing is petty and needy. Don’t get me wrong, either. I can understand people who support a given product to give their opinion on it even when it’s not doing nearly as well as they’d like it to, but even for those of them who want said product to succeed, more times than not–in my opinion, leastways–it’s better to simply walk away than to keep on demanding change over and over and over again. I’ve been guilty of making such demands myself, I’ll admit, but even I’ve come to learn that sometimes the best way to bring about change is to either walk away from what isn’t working or find a way to instill the change that I want made to whatever it is I want to support.

        Also, I want to make clear to everyone who posts here from now on that the poem I’ve posted here isn’t directed to any one person in particular, but rather to anyone who fits the archetype that my piece describes. Simple as that.

        Thanks for all the support all the same! 😀

    • You forgot “hypocritical” when talking about that Carfizzi schmuck. That’s all he is, though: just a big, bored, ignorant, intolerant hypocrite looking for attention. Too bad the kind of attention he’s seeking is sure to bite him in the ass one of these days if he keeps it up any longer than he already has. Oh, well…with the morbid curiosity I’ve stupidly developed over the years, I’m sure I’ll end up his downfall when he brings it upon himself. LOL!

      In other news, great poem, Dustin. Keep up the good work!

      • That may be true, but even I can tell you that even if what one says is an act of trolling, that still doesn’t justify one saying whatever nasty, ignorant, obnoxious thing comes out of one’s mouth…or, if you’d rather, from the words one types. I’ve always believed in shooting straight with people and saying what I mean. I’ve never understood the thrill of spouting off random crap that I didn’t believe in for the sake of getting under someone’s skin, as I’ve always found such dishonest crap to be just that: crap. Kind of reminds me of bullying…only even more cowardly, childish (if that’s even possible), and flat-out asinine. Besides, not everyone these days is aware of what trolls are as far as the Internet goes and is apt to take what they say seriously–a big mistake to make, to be sure, but no doubt pretty common all the same.

        Be careful all the same, people. The ‘Net’s long been loaded with idiots and maniacs, trolls and legitimate alike, and even when they do go away, there surely will only be more to take their place later on down the road.

    • So let me get this straight: Ryan, Colin, and the other white male WLIIA cast members are allowed to milk their jokes time after time without guys like this moron batting an eye, but if Wayne should dare fall into the same trap, this same idiot will go out of his way to make each and every one of his posts on WLIIA’s Facebook a rant against the poor guy? Give me a break! What racist hypocrisy!

      Pricks like him are WAY too immature for the Internet and should be ignored by the rest of the posting public at all costs. Why Facebook doesn’t ban him and others just like him, I’ll never understand.

    • LOL! What a joke. I’ll bet you ANYTHING that if Wayne approached this guy’s bandmates and offered them a reasonable amount for their services as a backup band for one of his projects (i.e., his latest CD), even HE would be quick to take the guy up on his offer.

    • That’s nothing. You ought to read his reactions to Top Gear–or, as he keeps calling it, “FLOP Gear” and “FIFTH Gear,” amongst other cutesy, idiotic names, I’ve no doubt. I agree all the same with you, though; if the asshole has such an unbridled and possibly even unjustifiable hatred for the show, then why the HELL does he give it any attention? Why does he keep watching it and responding to it on Facebook? What does he get out of giving negative attention to something that he’s better off distancing himself from? That makes no sense…unless, of course, he gets off on pissing off anyone who’s a fan of such shows. In that case, then, he’s even more of an infantile piece of trash than what you’re describing. (SMH)

      Anyway…cheers! 🙂

  2. Um…guys? how about we forget about this “Carfizzi” troll and just focus on the fact that we’ve got a good poem to read right here?

    Great job, Dustin. Keep up the good work! 😀

  3. Does anyone seriously believe that Whose Line it not rehearsed ?? so stupid. Watch news instead …maybe Trump will not get elected

    • I can understand someone not being a fan of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, but in spite of such disapproval, the show obviously entertains countless people week in, week out, regardless of whether it’s truly improvised or—as you’re suggesting—simply rehearsed. Also, what exactly are you implying is “stupid?” The show itself? The fans for liking it? The idea of the show being improv? I’m sorry, but besides your remark being insulting and immature, I also find it to be very open to interpretation. The same thing with your remarks about watching the news instead and of Trump [maybe] not getting elected. Are you implying that the news is somehow humorous…and genuinely so at that? Because around here, all my neighbors and I have been hearing about are people getting shot or otherwise killed, which isn’t funny in the slightest or otherwise entertaining. I could say the same about the election. I don’t exactly listen to or watch election news (or news in general) to be “entertained.”

      All things aside, if you don’t like Whose Line, then fine. That’s your opinion, and I can respect that. Even so, your opinion doesn’t give you the right to insult anyone who does like it or, for that matter, the show itself. Even if you’re just “trolling” WLIIA fans with your comment, I wouldn’t blame them at all for not taking kindly to your immaturity, which I find myself to be incredibly petty—especially when you bring it to my blog. If people want to watch something that honestly puts smiles on their faces and escape the overbearing grind of the real world for half an hour to a full hour every week, then that is their right, and quite frankly, for you to judge them for it is a sign of ignorance that I simply don’t care for.

      Please be an adult in the future, then, and don’t try to step on other people’s toes over something as minor as a preference for a television program. Thank you.


    • Grow the hell up, Jan-Erik…if that’s you REAL name. You don’t like WLIIA? Then why go out of your way to bash it or anyone else who does? Get a life, you closet Trump supporting! Your little remark wasn’t clever, necessary, or even cute. It was just pathetic. Try actually ignoring that which you clearly hate and moving on.

    • Jan-Erik, you need to grow up and shut up. The only one here being stupid is YOU for bashing a show that’s clearly popular amongst those who watch it. You want to watch the news to find out who’s been killed in your neck of the woods? Hey, if that entertains your sick little mind more than a goofy comedy show featuring four of the most talented comedians on modern television ever could, go right ahead. I wouldn’t expect anything else or anything less from a closet members of that racist-as-all-hell “Latinos for Trump” cult.

    • Look, “Jan-Erik,” just because WLIIA needs to seriously switch up the games that its players play on a regular basis and rely more on audience suggestions than on pre-written producer notes doesn’t automatically mean it’s “stupid.” If anything, it just means that it needs to change up its formula to make it more flexible, less predictable, and more fun. Got that? I hope so, because I shouldn’t have to explain things to someone who, I imagine, is old enough to know better. Then again, if you’re simply trolling everyone, guess what: You’re still being ignorant and are in serious need of finding something better to do with your time.

      Now get over yourself and take a hike!

    • Yeah…great choice of words to use there, junior. I bet you’re just as much a closet Whose Line fan as you are a closet Trump supporter. Get a life, jackass!

    • Why? Do YOU think Whose Line is rehearsed? Then you must be one of the many BASTARDS Colin Mochrie himself has called out at the beginning of each of the Two Man Group shows he and Brad have been performing for years now. Seriously, pal, grow a heart, a soul, and a sense of humor, and don’t come back to the Internet until you do.


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