Bonus Poem of the Week: Every Decade Has Its Dreck

Every Decade Has Its Dreck
July 16, 2016

Every decade has its dreck, no matter what nostalgia fiends say.
You really think a given era rocked ‘cause you recall the best of the day?
You clearly don’t remember, then, the drama that occurred back then,
Ese you’d be quicker to recall that things weren’t always great back when.
I once thought the ‘50s were swell for being when pop culture began,
But then there was the Korean War, and segregation still rocked the land.
Then there came the ‘60s when the Vietnam War was in full swing,
JFK was assassinated, and the Manson Family did its thing.
The ‘70s saw an end to ‘Nam and the rise of sketch comedy,
But we also had an energy crisis plague our economy,
Which didn’t recover until the ‘80s, when music and TV grew
And, sadly, certain tragic events struck us out of the blue.
Even the ‘90s when fashion and certain media seemed to wise up,
Had its share of crap when certain acts of violence began to rise up.
I could go on with my recollection, but you surely get my drift.
No decade’s been perfect, nor will any be, no matter how deep the rift,
So wake up and learn to accept the faults of your favorite time
And learn to accept others’ tastes, too, for as I’ve said here in rhyme,
Every decade has its dreck—and good stuff, too, no doubt.
Just be wise and regard each thoroughly, though, ‘fore you dare curse one out.


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