Poem of the Week: Despicable People Great and Small

Despicable People Great and Small
July 16, 2016

A is for the assholes whose manners simply don’t exist.
B is for the backstabbers and the blades they merrily twist.
C is for the cowards with all their whines and excuses.
D is for the degenerates and all their sexual abuses.
E is for every egotist who’s oblivious of all else.
F is for the freaks with their firearms, all out for themselves.
G is for the grubbers greedily grabbing all they can.
H is for the hellions hurting every child, woman, and man.
I is for the ill of mind celebrating others’ pain.
J is for the jokers who seek “justice,” as they proclaim.
K is for those kids who love to bring upon others disgrace.
L is for the lazy lumps who refuse to earn their place.
M is for the morons who’ve killed the meaning of common sense.
N is for the nags with plenty of “wisdom” to dispense.
O is for the obnoxious ones, of whom there are far too many.
P is for the perverts whose fetishes earn them a pretty penny.
Q is for the quitters who’ve given up on all things new.
R is for the reckless and all that their actions do.
S is for the simpletons too stupid to think or act.
T is for the tactless who don’t think before spouting their flack.
U is for the ugly hearts too soulless to sympathize.
V is for the vindictive whose words hit right between the eyes.
W is for the worthless who seem to exist for no reason.
X is in these scumbags’ excrement, which is always in season.
Y is for you—as in “you and me”—who’re made to put up with this crap.
Z is for the Zs I need, for this rant’s made me long for a nap.

So many disturbing people in this world…and to think I’ve just
Scratched the surface in pointing them out! Oh, how life can be such a bust!
Alas, all the rest of us can do is to keep our heads on straight
And do all we can to not transform into such imbeciles ourselves, mates.
We all have our list of scumbags whom we’ve noted and categorized—
Despicable people great and small who ought to be cut down to size.
Feel free to remind, too, this archivist of those who’ve escaped my mind,
And until we chance to meet again, keep your chins up as you face the grind.


Author Pages: Smashwords.com


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