Poem of the Week: The Fickle Subscriber Poem

Hello, readers.

The following sonnet is dedicated to everyone out there who has ever managed a blog, Internet video channel, or similar outlet who has ever had to put up with people who allegedly have similar outlets with the same provider (WordPress, YouTube, DailyMotion, BlogSpot, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) who had subscribed to their blog, channel, or page…only to unsubscribe anywhere from a day to a month later without explanation—especially over the course of several weeks and who share so much in common with other, similar blogs/channels/webpages (i.e., month of origin, blog/channel/page content, identical “about” section messages, and so on) that one might suspect said blogs/channels/pages to belong to the same spamming robot. My advice to everyone who has had to endure this nuisance is simple: Don’t let such fickle, uncommitted people get you down. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing and focus on entertaining, educating, and otherwise providing content for the followers you have who genuinely enjoy what you have to offer. This latter group, after all, is far worthier of your attention in that each person within it is infinitely more invested in what you have to share with them and the rest of the world. As such, the more you invest in them, the better off you will be in return, even if only on a personal level.

That being said, sappy and/or cheesy as it may sound, I hereby thank everyone who has shown a genuine interest in my work over the past four-years-plus I’ve been here on WordPress. Feel free to continue supporting my work any which way you can, too, be it buying my ebooks (See the links below, as always.), liking and sharing whatever work I put up here on my blog, or even replying to my posts to tell me which works of mine you like and why or how I can improve as a writer, be it here or in whatever else I do. Until then, thank you all for your continued investment, and please enjoy the poem below!

Dustin M. Weber

The Fickle Subscriber Poem
July 12, 2016

Either subscribe or don’t. Make up our mind.
Don’t sub one day, unsub after a week.
That’s so obnoxious, it makes my teeth grind.
Does my stuff entertain you or not? Speak!
All you’ve got are random pictures, which might
Not even be yours to start with, faker—
Not that I can tell since you’ve no insights
Included to give cred to the maker
Or tell a story behind what we see,
Which we can’t even talk about below.
You don’t even have an avatar. Gee!
Could it be you’re not human, but robo?
Playing “Sub for Sub” ain’t my claim to fame.
Either be a fan or don’t. That’s my game.


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11 thoughts on “Poem of the Week: The Fickle Subscriber Poem

  1. I think I know the sub-for-sub gluttons you’re talking about, Dustin: these annoying web pages that have all been established sometime in March 2016 showing “cute” pet pics on a daily (or at least semi-daily) basis and have little to no variety between them. If I didn’t know any better, I’d even go as far as to say that they were all made by the same spam bot(s) in search of people to support their content, which may or may not even belong to the creator(s) to begin with. I’ve even heard from people who’ve had these sites subscribe to them that their subscriptions didn’t even come up as notifications the way legit WordPress and email subscribers did, which really makes me feel as though there’s something fishy going on with them.

    For anyone who might be interested, these sites—all powered by WordPress, by the way—include the following:


    Be aware of these sites, folks, and don’t be surprised if they unsubscribe from you mere days after they’ve subscribed. They don’t give a crap about you, your websites, or your sites’ content. All they care about is gaining attention and subscribers of their own with their bogus, fickle, Twitter-esque behavior and their “been there, seen that” material. There’s no substance, spine, or sincerity about any of them. They’re merely gluttons for attention who ought to have their accounts closed down on account of their trashy behavior towards other WordPress blogs and should be avoided by everyone else at all costs.

    • You’re not kidding. What really pisses me off, though, is that these idiots don’t even post any cute stories or even captions to go along with the pics they post, save for the title of the pics themselves. Then again, what do you expect from a bunch of blatant, soulless spambots?

      To Hell with these selfish scumbags! Blogs like this one don’t need fair-weather fans like them supporting their work.

      Good job, Dustin! Keep up the good work.

    • Love how you don’t have any URLs tied to these WordPress usernames, LOL—not that they deserve any more attention than we’re already giving them, but it would be easier in terms of giving folks an eyeful of what these trolls are all about and see firsthand just how empty, soulless, impersonal, and narcissistic they truly are. Thanks for the heads-up all the same, though!

    • Feel free to add BabesYoga to that list. I just now checked out their joke of a website, which is nothing but a bunch of boring-as-all-else pictures posted daily that feature “hot” women either working out or showing off their scantily clad bodies. Definitely nothing of any substance or worthy of anyone’s attention.

      Oh, and they, too, were founded in March 2016. What a coincidence, huh?

    • HipstersFoodies is another one. All this jackass does is show pictures of (admittedly tasty-looking) food on a nearly daily basis, but fails to include the recipes to such food in the description of each picture. Thing is, too, that he/she has been pulling this crap since July 2016 but, just like all the scumbag “blogs” you’ve mentioned, hasn’t been busted yet for posting his/her blatant, Tumblr-esque filler and subscribing to others’ blogs only to unsubscribe a week or so later as if this were freaking Twitter.

      I’m sorry, but I’d LOVE it for WordPress’s moderators to screw in their heels and hunt down and ban all these idiots for their practices. They don’t give an honest damn about others’ content. They’re just “sub-for-sub” junkies. I’m sorry, but if you honestly love a fellow WordPress blogger’s webpage, then subscribe to it and STAY subscribed. Otherwise, don’t waste the person’s time by subscribing in the first place, only to unsub days later just because he/she didn’t subscribe to YOUR joke of a filler page. Seriously, why doesn’t WordPress have RULES against this obnoxious practice? Don’t these creeps realize that unlike THEM, certain people actually put TIME and EFFORT into their posts for others’ enjoyment and deserve to be APPRECIATED for it? For all I know, these random theme photo blogs more likely than not STEAL their photos from other random sited off the ‘Net after having searched for them via Google or some other such site. Bunch of hacks!

      GO TAKE YOUR PLAGIARISM TO TUMBLR, FOREVERMORE! Stop treating WordPress like such a hack site!

    • You might as well add Aimee Sharpes and NineLivesCats to the list. The former CLAIMS to be a blog about traveling, yet doesn’t post any captions regarding the pics she posts on a semi-regular basis (much less any that are even VAGUELY travel-related), and the latter’s just another one of your “darling” “cute cat pic per day” websites—typical Tumblr crap.

      Stay away from these sites, folks. They’re nothing more than wastes of time and Internet space.

      • And BabyAnimalsAtPlay and LazyWanderers, too! Geez! How many of these stupid pic-a-day, sub-for-sub Pinterest/Tumblr rejects are there? Are they all operated by the same attention-crazed robot? Doesn’t the WordPress staff monitor these clowns? I mean, come on! The brunt of these stupid blogs were first founded in March 2016. You’d think that after nine, ten months of these all-style, no-substance idiots, people would be wise to them and SHUT THEM DOWN FOR GOOD! What’s worse is that after having just visited LazyWanderers myself, there are about ten other WordPress bloggers who were insane enough to “like” their “About” page, which is nothing more than a generic “This is an example of…” message, which is the SAME THING for each and every other one of the WordPress blogs mentioned by other posters here. What’s the point?

        Why do these stupid sites even exist? If there’s ANYONE actually RUNNING these sorry excuses for blogs, then why can’t they add some substance to the pics they post to prove that a) they didn’t STEAL said pics and b) they posted them for a reason other than to add something pretty to their otherwise useless websites? Moreover, if they’re going to subscribe to other WordPress bloggers, then why not genuinely subscribe to them and STAY SUBCRIBED as a means of supporting the other bloggers’ product rather than unsubbing just because the other bloggers didn’t validate them by subbing back? The latter isn’t only selfish and childish, but also pretty cruel in that it elevates the other blogger’s sub count superficially for about a week or two before dropping the number back down, thus making the other person’s blog’s content seem less worthwhile in the long run. That’s a load of crap, if you ask me, and so is the fact that WordPress apparently isn’t doing ANYTHING to stop these jackals from puling such an asinine stunt.

        Anyway, great poem, Dustin! Keep it up, and hopefully, these jokers will stop harassing you.

    • OliverSotor and FoodiesBlogs are every bit as guilty as the schmucks you named. I agree wholeheartedly, though: What’s the point with these blogs? Are they photographers? Spambots? The same spambot? Why don’t they add any written info to the pictures they post? And what the hell is up with the whole bit about unsubscribing to a fellow blogger after a week or two for no reason? What a bunch of pathetic losers!

      This is WordPress, people…not Tumblr! Stop being a bunch of self-entitled narcissists and treating it as such!

    • You might as well add UltimateFunnyAnimals to your list. Sure, (s)he doesn’t have an “About” page, but she still practices the same garbage that all the other trolls you’ve listed do: Post a random pic each day (sometimes two) that’s relevant to her/his website’s theme with no caption or other relevant info about said pic and subscribe to random WordPress bloggers without notification, only to unsubscribe a matter of days later. The thing, to, is that (s)he thinks (s)he’s being so smooth in hiding her identity by not providing an “About” page of any kind (generic or not) or anything else remotely reminiscent of a history for her/his blog, but her/his activity otherwise indicates just how pointless her site is in the long run and why (s)he REALLY has a WordPress website to begin with.

      Seriously…these “Sub-for-Sub” gluttons all need to take a hike.

    • Don’t forget MyCatHasaBlog and BlogsonFood. They just subbed to a friend of mine seven and three days ago, respectively, without him being notified at all of their subscriptions. Watch them unsub from him within a week or two just because he didn’t waste his time subbing them back. Idiots!

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