Bonus Poem of the Week: A Random-as-All-Else Blitz Poem about Moving Forward

A Random-as-All-Else Blitz Poem about Moving Forward
July 8, 2016

People are scum.
People are stupid—
Stupid to obsess,
Stupid to harass,
Harass the innocent,
Harass the beleaguered,
Beleaguered with their weakness,
Beleaguered with the past,
Past better left back then,
Past better left back there—
There where it belonged,
There in history,
History not worth repeating,
History remembered,
Remembered all too well,
Remembered to the point of insanity—
Insanity that still lingers,
Insanity that’s only worsened,
Worsened since,
Worsened over time.
Time to act!
Time to right the wrongs—
Wrongs of yesterday,
Wrongs still being committed,
Committed by the self-righteous,
Committed by the callous,
Callous towards the innocent,
Callous towards the just.
Just you wait!
Just you see!
See the change!
See what happens—
Happens in society,
Happens in the future,
Future where logic matters,
Future where things make sense,
Sense to the matters,
Sense to stop.
Stop the harassment!
Stop the nagging—
Nagging reminders,
Nagging sympathy,
Sympathy overdone,
Sympathy unwarranted,
Unwarranted by the recipients,
Unwarranted by the masses,
Masses on the move,
Masses wanting to press on.


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