Poem of the Week: Casting the Drama into the Night

Casting the Drama into the Night
June 8, 2016

Sometimes it’s aggravating. Sometimes it brings you woe
When you’re trying to move on, but some schlubs refuse to let go.
The same old shtick over and over ‘til your ears straight up bleed
And it’s not a shrink or support group that you’ve come to need,
But rather a straitjacket strapped on tightly in the back
And some heavy meds to keep you from suffering a heart attack
At the sound of some self-righteous jackass drumming up the past
And a message we’ve all heard time and again going off like a blast
Of dynamite inside your head for the umpteen-trillionth time—
The same old tone and attitude and, worse yet, the same old lines.
You wish the fools would shut up and move forward and let you
At least try to do the same before your life’s through
Or, at the very least, bring something new to the table
To present a different side to the story if they’re able.
Alas, that’s rarely—if ever—been the case these days,
For few people have the brains and spine to speak up in such a way,
Mainly for fear of angering those who won’t move on
Who feel they’re always in the right and all who different are wrong.
Great minds, after all, to them think alike and not for themselves,
And anyone who disagrees with them’s sure to end up in Hell,
Even if only as far as they’re concerned, lest we forget,
And their apparent need to censor such folks is worse yet,
For Heaven forbid there be more than one side to any given story
To “shadow” the main narrative in its vain, monotonous glory.
Heaven forbid there be more than one perspective to anything
And those actually affected move one from the bitter sting
Of a past that didn’t have to be into a brighter future.
Bullcrap! Who’re these clowns deny such folks a suture
For their hearts, which yet remain torn, no thanks to shallow twits
Like them and other drama weavers who continue to throw fits
About that which can no longer change? Don’t they know time flows
Forever and only in in one direction? Such is what everyone knows,
Or so I thought once upon a time, but these days, it’s much harder
To look past society’s morons at those who happen to be smarter
And easier to relate and look up to, which makes life more of a chore
And makes me further dread just what the future had in store.
I’m sick and tired of this crap with us all living in the past
And being force-fed wicked memories that have been made to last
The rest of our lifetime, for I’ve too much of my life left to live,
And when it comes to effort, I’ve far too much of it that I can give
To the same old melodrama when I can put it into
Something else to benefit the masses to last a lifetime through.
Enough is enough, everyone, and I know not about you,
But I’ve been ready to move on, and I’ll bet you’ve long been, too.
We’ve heard this stuff time and again. How much more can we take
Before our minds turn to mush and our spirits break
Any further than the ignorant have already done
Day after day, year after year under Heaven’s hot sun?
I don’t relish finding out at all. That much I can say.
Instead, I’d much rather spend my time seeking a brighter day.
Feel free to join me, too, in the instance that you as well
Have had it with the obsession damning everything to Hell
And are willing to put history in the past where it belongs
To remember more rationally in the wake of the wrongs
While we work towards a future so bold, promising, and bright
That we can cast all the drama at long last into the night.


Author Pages: Smashwords.com


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