Poem of the Week: It Never Ends

It Never Ends
May 6, 2016

It never ends.
It only goes on—
On to the next story,
On to the next project.
Project your thoughts.
Project your dreams,
Dreams of greatness,
Dreams of despair,
Despair and anguish,
Despair into hope,
Hope for the future,
Hope for another—
Another day,
Another dollar,
Dollar earned,
Dollar to save,
Save for something special,
Save for tomorrow.
Tomorrow is another day.
Tomorrow is a day away.
Away with doubt!
Away with fear—
Fear of ridicule,
Fear of rejection,
Rejection by philistines,
Rejection by closed-minded fools—
Fools who don’t understand,
Fools who don’t appreciate skill,
Skill and talent,
Skill and effort,
Effort to entertain,
Effort to educate—
Educate and inform,
Educate and enlighten,
Enlighten about life,
Enlighten about the world,
World of imagination,
World of possibility—
Possibility to grow,
Possibility to evolve,
Evolve and conquer,
Evolve and carry on.
On to bigger things!
On to better things—
Things to do,
Things to see.
See things change.
See things grow.


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