Poem of the Week: A Most Useless Tool

A Most Useless Tool
May 2, 2016

It’s been ten tears since I saw it last,
And I still can’t believe a whole decade’s passed
In order for me to finally comprehend
This mystery, which I thought would never end,

But now I believe the truth’s finally
Dawned upon my head, thick as it can be,
And I’m left asking myself what went wrong
For things to take me this bloody long.

In fact, I wonder if I’m alone in
Discovering the truth, seeing as how long it’s been
Since these events last happened or if there indeed
Exist those like me into who’ve been planted the seed

Of perception necessary to at last see the truth,
For looking all around me, I feel like a latent sleuth
In a sea of people ignorant to how things are,
Their delicate minds healing from a severe scar

They’d received upon witnessing that which they wish
They never have. Now their lives are one big bitch.
I, on the other hand, must have had a strong
Enough mind to handle such absurdness for as long

As I have to fathom that which they could not.
Now I’ve gained knowledge whereas their brains still rot,
And in doing so, I can proudly proclaim
That their sorry loss has become my gain.

One question remains, then: Do I dare share
My findings with all in the world who might care,
Or do I write it all down to keep to myself
In a journal that shall remain high upon my shelf?

Such is the conundrum I now face,
For tempted though I am to put in its place
The obliviousness that’s plagued us all,
I fear doing so might be a bad call.

I’m sure to be mocked for sharing this news,
And many will jeer me and shower me with boos
And brand me a pariah for my revelation,
Thus my need to prepare for such an ill sensation.

Share this news, however, I feel I must,
For at this point, it’s wisdom or bust,
And if I wish to make matters known,
This knowledge I’ve gained can’t be mine alone.

My mind’s now made up. My decision’s been made.
I cannot let this knowledge hide in the shade,
Even if sharing it makes me a fool,
For knowledge unshared is a most useless tool.


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4 thoughts on “Poem of the Week: A Most Useless Tool

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