Bonus Poem of the Week: Memo for the Archetypal Social Justice Warrior

Memo for the Archetypal Social Justice Warrior
April 26, 2016

Pulling out the big guns, waging a war,
Your mind dead set on evening the score,
Putting the self-entitled in their place
For holding others back with their penchant to disgrace
Any and all who aren’t the least bit like them
In gender, color, thought process—hair length, even.
Leveling the field for every breed of folk
‘Til you let yourself fall prey to Fate’s sick joke
And start seeing bigotry in even tiny things—
Things so insignificant they don’t even sting,
Not that there was any initial intent at all,
But it still riles you up, wishing someone would fall,
And so compelled are you to shut down
Every racist bastard and sexist clown,
Every homophobic pain in the ass,
And religious fundamentalist piece of trash
That you’ll vilify everyone you can
In the name of each innocent woman and man,
Or so you’ll claim, but in reality,
You’ve made an ass of yourself, you see,
In calling out something that didn’t need it
When there’s real crap out there that needs to beat it—
Crap so serious you can only begin
To imagine the hardship that the victims are in:
Ceaseless bullying, physical abuse,
Being made to live in one’s own refuse,
Prejudice galore from those who don’t care
To get to know them ‘fore sounding off a scare,
Being ostracized from the world at large—
All this and more, and yet, you only barge
Onto the bandwagon when it comes to stuff
That ultimately doesn’t add up to snuff—
That makes no real difference in the grand scheme
Of things as we know it in the power scene.
It’s like you’ve got an itchy trigger finger, yet your spine
And brain have both deteriorated with each time
You’ve led the fight in the name of your initial cause,
And I’m begging you right now to simply pause
And reflect on the situation you’ve helped to make
Alongside others like you for “freedom’s” sake—
The very same freedom you want taken away
From alarmed innocents who shouldn’t have to pay
For unwittingly stepping on the toes of folks
Like you whose oversensitivity’s made a joke
Of the meaning of equality by turning around
And slapping it on those who make the slightest sound
That vaguely resembles, intentionally or not,
Like the very same braindead, bigoted sots
You should’ve been fighting this entire time.
Sounds like you’ve got shellshock, friend of mine,
And could use some solid counseling and time away
From the Internet and all media…okay?
It’s all for the good of your weary, angry mind
To pull yourself away from the justice-seeking grind.
Leave it to other people to save the day—
Those of strong mind yet who haven’t fallen prey
To the stupidity of the whole situation—
And do what they can to purge every nation,
Free and slave alike, from ignorance and shame
While you recollect yourself and try once again to be sane.
Sorry to say, but some folks just haven’t got
The nerves for such a fight as this, for some can rot
All too easily from the inability
To tell fair from foul, as you’ve come to see.
Let the contention go, then. It’s no longer for you.
Let us with our brains intact do what we must do,
For only sensibility can shed any light
Upon the darkness of bigotry in this fight,
And your dead sense of rationale has made you weak.
Go take your leave, then, please, while justice we seek.


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