Poem of the Week: Generation Gap

Generation Gap
April 20, 2016

Each generation has its losers.
Each generation has its winners.
Each generation has its saints,
And Heaven knows each has its sinners,

Yet some people so quickly damn
An entire generation based on the acts
Of a select portion, be they few
Or nearly countless, and that’s a fact.

What’s not fact, though, is the idea
Of how everyone in a certain group thinks,
Acts, or believes like all the others.
Quite frankly, such biased illogic stinks,

For it blankets everyone with the same label,
Whether one lives up to it or not,
And no matter how one proves otherwise,
Under said label one’s destined to rot,

All no thanks to the intolerant minds
Of those who only see a common thread
Of behavior amongst a given handful,
And surely ‘nough in the collective heads

Of the others is born a sweeping judgment
That all of a generation acts just so
Because of this and that, so they claim,
Thus forcing upon that age group the woe

Of those who don’t “get” them or their lot in life,
Who only see something deviant and bizarre—
A view point once held by the generation
Before them considering who they are

And were during their youth when they were
The “freaks” and “geeks” of a changing world.
Oh, how the older generation sure was
In labeling every hapless boy and girl

This thing and that all because the younger
Ones didn’t think or act the same way
They did for this, that, or some other reason,
And oh, how they made the younger ones pay

With their own criticisms, unfair though they were
In trying to assess the sign of the times.
Now things have changed and the young are the old—
Not just in body, but also in mind,

Arbitrating the young like the old before,
Slapping names and epithets all around,
Blind to their behavior’s irony,
Their minds blocking out the obvious sound

Of their own ignorance and hypocrisy,
For really, rather than do the same,
Why not stop themselves and think before judging
And see just what little they have to gain

From the childish game others once played with them
For right or for wrong, and why not instead
Try to understand the young and what they face
Today? Why feed them any more dread

In a world already steaming with crap,
Uncertainty lurking around every bend?
Why not work with rather than against them
In hopes of bringing to an end

The turmoil that’s plagued everyone for so long?
To Hell with your differences with their kind!
Find out the threats that both you and they
Face so you two groups can grind

Your collective noses in finding a solution
To the issues both of your parties face.
Learn to work together for a common good
Rather than go out of your way to disgrace

The younger generation for not being you
The same way the generation ‘fore yours did
To you way back when. Try taking the higher
Road and stop acting like you’re still a kid.

We all have greater problems, after all,
Than why Person X isn’t like you or me
So let’s all set our differences aside
And make this world the best it can be.

For there’s no guarantee what the next life
Will bring or even if it exists,
But one thing’s for sure: This life will suck harder
If we allow crap to further persist.

Let’s seal this gap, then, for the greater good
And knock off the pettiness we’ve all gone through.
Tomorrow can be great if we just try
To make it so. How ‘bout it, all of you?


Author Pages: Smashwords.com


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