Poem of the Week: Bitten by the Nostalgia Bug

Bitten by the Nostalgia Bug
April 18, 2016

Everything was so much better back when
I was a kid. Nowadays, though, things suck.
Everything was so much happier then.
Looking ‘round me, though, I see I’ve no luck
In finding anything that’s made to last
For years to come like what I used to know.
People tell me I’m just stuck in the past,
But oh, how I long for my childhood so!
So many tales back then simply made sense
With countless characters I still cherish.
Many a moral, too, did they dispense.
Oh, why on Earth did they have to perish?
Am I so wrong to miss the good old days?
How can I cope? There’s got to be a way.


Author Pages: Smashwords.com


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