Bonus Poem of the Week: Will Things End?

Will Things End?
April 5, 2016

Folks keep telling me that change is around the bend,
That the crap we’ve endured for so long soon will end.

I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, though, friend,
Before I can proudly proclaim that things will end.

After all, we’ve all endured so much for so long
That we’ve grown used to what we’ve all long hoped will end

And have grown numb to all the stupidity we’ve
Seen and heard along the way wishing it will end,

Yet convinced it never will in our jaded state
Of mind, hence my own disbelief that it will end.

Show me evidence, then, that things are moving forth
And that the nonsense we’ve put up with soon will end,

For I see and hear nothing going forth from here—
Only more groundless promises that things will end

And all-too-strong proof making a case otherwise
Making me question if it all indeed will end.

Pointing out all our wishful thinking all too much
And bringing doubt to the notion that trash will end?

Don’t get me wrong, though. I’m sick of how negative
I’ve become and would love to see how things will end

Down the line, but unless we take drastic measures
‘Gainst all the world’s wrongs and ensure that they will end,

This new “golden age” I’ve heard promises of for
So long will remain but a dream ‘til trash will end.

The question remains, too, as to what we’ll all do
To ensure that all we’ve dealt with for years will end.

I know what I’ll do, but I also know that I
Can’t do it alone in making sure crap will end.

We all need to make an effort to make the world
A better place and ensure that nonsense will end.

‘Twill be a long and dangerous road ahead, though,
In our joint quest to make for sure that trash will end,

But I’ve no doubt we can do it if we just try,
So who’s with me in making sure that things will end?


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