Poem of the Week: Another Random Poem about Letting Go

Another Random Poem about Letting Go
April 4, 2016

Letting go ain’t always easy
When it comes to that which you love,
But it’s a painful thing
When the same thing
Doesn’t love you back, love.

It may have fit you like a hand in a glove
And made you want to sing
Once upon a time,
But as sublime
As it was, it soon starts to sting,

For things don’t always stay the same thing
And are apt to change over time,
Be it blessing or curse,
For better or for worse,
And it often feels like a crime.

I know, for many interests of mine
Have turned out for the worst—
Over here a change,
There a rearrange
‘Til my lips I’m forced to purse,

And I’m left to deal somehow with this curse.
How do I cope with this change?
Do I stick around
And let things get me down
And cope with what’s been rearranged,

Or do I move on to a whole new range
And see what else might be around
In which to invest time
And, in turn, make mine
To bring my anxiety down?

There must be something I can do to put down
This raging bitterness of mine
That’s carving a hole
Into my soul
And driving me out of my mind.

There must be some way to leave behind
This drama that’s taken its toll
On this life I know,
For jaded I now grow
As I carry on growing old.

Alas, in terms of purging my soul,
I’ve found nowhere to go,
And I aimlessly wander
Here and yonder
Looking for what, I don’t know.

If I find it, however, I’ll know,
And no more will I need to ponder.
I’ll stop feeling queasy,
And things’ll be easy
For me at last somewhere yonder.


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