Poem of the Week: Modesty Isn’t Weakness

Modesty Isn’t Weakness
March 19, 2016

Modesty isn’t weakness, no matter what you say.
Just ‘cause someone doesn’t habitually put oneself on display
Doesn’t instantly make one a coward, ashamed, or a prude,
So I don’t understand where you get off being so testy and rude.

I’m so sick of certain people preaching ‘bout how their lives are better
Just ‘cause they tend to live outside their undies, jeans, and sweaters
And how those who don’t understand them are “idiots” at best
And “oppressors” at worst whose “persecution” puts them to the test—

A test that others like them fail each and every time
When they in turn make sweeping judgments ‘gainst the other kind,
Claiming them to be ignorant and callous towards their plight,
And should one dare to speak “out of turn,” BAM! Another fight

As individual persons untie to become one force,
And on come the accusations and threats as a matter of course,
Complete with name-calling made to pierce through the target’s hide
In an effort to make him or her run and even commit suicide,

Regardless of whether what he or she had said initially
Was worth the wrath to begin with or meant more innocently,
For the original message means nothing to such masses,
Only the fact that what they see puts burs in their asses,

And though prejudice exists elsewhere in the real world,
There isn’t courage enough in the hearts of these boys and girls
To tackle any of it with wisdom to see them through,
Which thus leads to them attacking the likes of me and you

And anything in the media that unwittingly
Rubs them the wrong way, as the ‘Net has come to see,
And all from the safe anonymity of their dens.
Such is the hypocrisy of these weak-livered roosters and hens.

It reminds me of the hypocrisy of raping Mother Earth
By chopping down the wooden children to which she’s given birth
Just to set up getaways from the “tyrants” of the mainstream world
When you can build around said trees instead, boys and girls.

Then again, I’m a textile myself. Who am I to judge?
All I know is that from my way of life, I’ll never budge,
Especially if doing so means pleasing the likes of you
Just ‘cause you like to put our kind down in all we say or do

When most of us mind out own business and don’t join in on the “fun”
Of ridiculing your lifestyle, ‘cause who cares where you bare your buns?
Still, each time the clueless amongst us bash your lot,
You spout back words so self-righteous ‘bout how we’re the crass sots

Who slam you each chance we get for your unconventional life
When in reality we all already have our own strife
With which we must deal from day to day, week to week,
Month to month, year to year, and all without you of whom to speak.

Defend your lifestyle if you must, then, but don’t be asses,
Lest you want to come off as oversensitive and classless
Just like the social justice warriors I’ve mentioned before—
Those narcissistic, hypocritical, mindless attention whores.

We’ve already more than enough of them in the world today,
And we can’t afford having any more such twits coming our way,
So take the higher road from now on and learn to shrug off
The ridicule, lest you choose to become more at whom to scoff.


Author Pages: Smashwords.com


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