Poem of the Week: Flame Wars

Flame Wars
March 10, 2016

People can be such idiots when they refuse to chill,
So obsessed with preaching unto others the “truth,”
Which they act like they alone own, the jagged little pills,
And pointing out their flawed logic needs no sleuth.

Argue though you may, though, your words will never sink in,
For their minds have been made up and set in stone.
‘Twill be a war of words where neither side is fated to win.
The best course of action, thus? Leave crap alone.

Don’t get me wrong, ‘cause ignorance is indeed quite a pain
To deal with, no matter what form it takes,
And to stomp it out and encourage wisdom may feel like a gain,
So long as it’s not your humaneness you forsake,

For it’s way too easy to succumb to their same level, friend,
And turn into one of them when they tick you off,
For when their ignorance gets ‘neath your skin, there’s no end
To the times you both moan, groan, insult, and scoff,

And the next thing you know, you’re no better than the schmuck
You originally intended to simply shut down.
Now you’re just as much a self-righteous blowhard son-of-a-buck
Coming off like you’re the bully and the clown,

Calling the other guy names as his grammar you attack,
His IQ you assume’s barely above two.
Who’s the villain now, then, now that you’ve crossed to black
And let your vindication get the better of you?

Heaven forbid the moderators see you as the one
Upon whom discipline must be administered
While the other guy roams away free towards the setting sun,
Not in the slightest to be seen as sinister.

Would it be all worth it, then, you punished for your deeds
And you alone, though you’d brought it upon yourself
In spite of your better intentions and just how many leads
There may be to that other troublesome whelp?

Trust me, comrade: Flame wars are never worth fighting through,
For even noble ends don’t justify the means,
And no matter how the other guy carries on to tarnish you,
You’re better off walking ‘way from his childish screams.

Just be the bigger person, then, and let sleeping dogs lie.
Sometimes that’s the only way to go.
The melodrama’s never worth it, so let that crap die.
You’ll be far better off doing so.


Author Pages: Smashwords.com


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