Poem of the Week: The Dangers of Putting Grown Children in Charge of Young People

The Dangers of Putting Grown Children in Charge of Young People
March 1, 2016

You wouldn’t want a judge fixing your broken pipes
Or a butcher to settle your small claims gripe
Or even a plumber trimming your tripe
‘Cause face it: You want the best.

That’s like expecting wild critters to coexist with dogs
Or a pyro to carve you a puppet from a log
Or a caterpillar to grow up into a frog.
Such logic never passes the test.

Why, then, would a school district hire an ass—
A child in a grown-up suit—to teach a class
Full of kids with little to no grace or class?
Such logic makes no sense to me.

Not giving a damn to show any heart,
Humiliating students ‘fore their peers at the start,
Not caring ‘bout their feelings as they tear ‘em ‘part,
Being barbaric as can be.

They especially lack any patience for those
Who don’t think or act like other Janes and Joes,
Preferring instead to bring them much woe
For simply being different. How sad!

They clearly can’t bother themselves to get to know
These kids for whom they are or what they know
But instead treat them like they’re the dumbest schmoes
In the world and make them feel bad,

And from there, the biased “special” treatment grows
All ‘cause these teachers have no spine to show—
Or brains, for that matter, to learn and know
Any responsibility.

Instead, they’d much sooner dodge and run
What they’re paid to do just ‘cause it’s no fun
Or isn’t part of the lessons they’re told to run,
And such continues youth’s tragedy.

Why can’t folks just grow up and do their jobs
And stop standing ‘round frothing at the gobs?
Just screw your heels in and get things done, you slobs!
Stop whining like spoiled rotten brats

And take responsibility for tomorrow
Instead of feeding these poor kids’ sorrow.
Be humane! Stop being so shallow and hollow,
For humaneness is where it’s at.

That way, tomorrow’s grown-ups more likely will grow strong
In body and mind and move things along
And hopefully right their elders’ wrongs,
Which said elders have made time and again,

For older generations’ wrongs have been a lot—
Not that today’s adults haven’t been foolish sots,
But now’s not the time to debate who should rot,
For that was all way back when,

And if we’re to move forward, the blaming must stop,
For our own negativity’s all we’ve got
To run on these days, which is why we now rot
In the swill of our own demise.

Our road to redemption now starts with the young,
Who, sadly, must inherit all that we’ve done
To the world as we know it under the sun,
So come on, teachers! Open your eyes

And open your hearts to the way things must be,
For we’re already in trouble, as you can see,
And only through stern compassion can we
Bring about better days.

Not every young person thinks alike, after all,
And our thinking otherwise has made us fall.
Wise up, then, and prepare to stand tall
And help show every youth the way.


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4 thoughts on “Poem of the Week: The Dangers of Putting Grown Children in Charge of Young People

  1. Excellent work, Dustin! Just reading this reminds me of a George Carlin comedy routine from 1999 called You Are All Diseased in which he referenced (if I remember correctly) the NYPD’s assault of Abner Louima on August 9, 1997 by saying that if someone needed “special training” (i.e., sensitivity training) to be told not to jam a large cumbersome object up someone else’s rear end or otherwise beat him/her within an inch of his/her life, maybe said someone was too much of an infantile scumbag to even become a police officer in the first place. Granted, I mostly paraphrased what Carlin had said at the time, but the truth remains, and in my opinion, it applies every bit as much to teachers as it does police officers. I’m sorry, but teachers who bully kids ought to have their licenses snatched out of their grubby hands, torn into tiny strips of paper, and set on fire right before their eyes. There is NO PLACE AT ALL for this kind of trash in our schools–never has been, never should be–and anyone who tolerates such behavior from an ADULT, of all things, is every bit a part of the problem as the lowlife teacher who exercises such infantile behavior.

    Keep preaching the truth, my friend! 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind words, Vicki, and I agree with your sentiments wholeheartedly. Sadly, I’d come to know quite an few teachers during my adolescence—and even a couple during my childhood—who behaved in the very same disgraceful way that I’ve just described here. Why such people were even hired as teachers in the first place, I will never know. Thankfully, none of them are teachers anymore (We are talking a good couple of decades ago, after all, at the very least), but the fact that they were allowed to get away with what they did to as many students as they did before being allowed to retire I can never forgive. Indeed, they should have been reported right away to the school district that hired them and fired on the spot. I do hope, however, that today’s teachers know better than to pull such stunts.

      Feel free to drop by next time for another poem—one hopefully more uplifting than this one might otherwise be to some folks—and thanks again for reading!

      • Hey, Dustin!

        About those teachers you were talking about…seriously? You had to put up with such losers for real? Because if that’s true, then I guess it just goes to show that some people simply don’t know the merit of growing up and that more times than not, the wrong people get hired for the wrong job. I’m sorry, but having the credentials for a given position sometimes isn’t enough. You also need to have a sound mind, which sadly, too many people lack—especially when it comes to people in power like cops, politicians, doctors, and even teachers. I only wish that whenever a teacher does mistreat a student, said student would have the courage to report the teacher’s behavior to his or her guardian and, in turn, the guardian would do the same to the school board. Such is the only way I can see out-of-line teachers put in their place so that room can be made for those who will actually WORK for the betterment of tomorrow’s adults. Sadly, only the sex offenders seem to be taken down this way, never the bad-mouthers or the ones who manhandle kids.

        Well, at any rate, I’ve got my fingers crossed for a brighter future. Great poem in the meantime, Dustin. See you again!

      • I agree with your statements about teachers and guardians, Jack, and yeah…there are too many people out there with the credentials for a given job who don’t have the maturity to handle it and therefore ought to be passed up so that the position can go to someone who is worthy of such a career. The problem is, though, it just might take us many more years for society as a whole to wake up and realize this, and even then, will it be easy to find people who are going to want such jobs considering such a movement taking place? It’s all just so frustrating, really, especially since I wish society would have had the mind and heart to look into such ideas as what you, Vicki, and I are talking about here in the comments section.

        At any rate, thanks for your feedback. Take care!

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