Poem of the Week: Distractions

February 14, 2016

Trying hard to keep my mind on things,
Yet always losing sight of what’s at hand,
Falling prey to how my aged mind swings
As it takes me away to a distant land—

A land I’ve never been to and can never be
Whether for good or bad, I’ll never know—
Showing me things I know I’ll never see,
Be that to my relief or to my woe.

Too many times I’ve tried to make sense of those
Visions that keep floating ‘round in my head,
But each time just brings me closer to my knees,
Blinding me to the real world and what lies ahead.

Sadly, nothing I do is detraction enough
From these distractions, ironically though it seems,
And to talk about them in full is tough
On more levels than one, if you know what I mean.

Do I dare to analyze them once and for all
And chance letting them get to me even more,
Or do I keep resisting them, stand or fall,
‘Til I finally break free from them to settle the score?

Either way, they’re ragging on me like crazy,
And if I don’t do something about them soon enough,
I’ll fall behind in my calling and feel lazy—
Something I don’t need when the road’s already so rough.

Just go away, distractions, and let me be.
You’re only in my way of what I want from life.
I don’t care what it is you’re trying to tell me,
For you’re doing nothing but giving me more strife.


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