20,000 View Celebration Poem – More Ramblings of Distress and Hope

Happy President’s Day/Post-Valentine’s Day, readers!

To celebrate my achieving twenty-thousand views yesterday, I’ve decided to publish an additional poem for you all this week. Without further ado, here’s my sequel to Ramblings of Distress and Hope from August 14, 2012. Thank you all for the support in the meantime, and enjoy!


More Ramblings of Distress and Hope
February 8, 2016

Life’s not always easy, especially with age.
So often we fear what’ll happen when we turn to the next page,
And we can’t help later on but look back upon what could’ve been:
All the things we could’ve done, all we could’ve heard and seen,
All the adventures we could’ve gone on when we were young,
All the paths that were open to us before our time was done,
And we ponder if life’d been better, had we taken such chances,
Had we followed different passions and had different romances,
Had we chosen different walks of life and become something else
Other than what we’ve turned out to be—our current, sorry selves
With our constant sighs and sad puppy eyes gazing upon the past,
Upon the youth that we once knew, which clearly didn’t last.

I certainly know that feeling. Hell, I think it every day,
For I can’t help but be reminded of what I’ve thrown away:
The career I could’ve had, the money I could’ve been making,
But no! I was too cowardly to accept such an undertaking.
God forbid I find an interest that my way would be shoved
And by following it gain a career I’d forever love
That would’ve helped me support my loving family
And given me the chance to have other opportunities.
Alas, I instead chose to be a spineless, impatient cad
And take the easy way out, blowing off all the chances I’ve had,
And what I’d found at the end of my road didn’t give me squat,
And now I’ve sat here for years on end forever to rot
In my own stew of self-pity—a sorry state of strife
That’s been my own undoing for leading this joke of a life.

Then again, who knows? Maybe good things are ahead,
Even for the likes of a sorry sad sack who swears he’s dead.
Maybe there’s a shot at redemption waiting for even me,
Despite how I’ve cheated myself out of what I was meant to be.
Maybe if I apply myself to what I can still achieve,
I’ll finally get what I want. All I need is to believe
That I can prove my worth to people once and for all,
That I’m not as big a loser as I’ve come to be after all,
That I’m actually worth something to somebody out there,
That I have something to offer—something that’s worth a share.

In that case, then, it’s time for me to smarten up
And look for where I can leap and find out what stuff
Will take me to where I want to be and help me attain
All I’ve ever dreamed of and help me overcome my pain
And make up for all the crap I’ve dumbly put myself through.
I’ve still some years ahead of me, and with them, I’ll try to
Do what it takes to move on and finally become
That which I always should have been rather than the bum
I am right now. Now, off my bum I go to realize
What I’ve always seen in my head and never before my eyes,
For if there’s a chance I can be saved from impending doom,
Then let it happen, dammit! Let it happen soon.


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