Poem of the Week: A Love Poem of Linking Limericks

A Love Poem of Linking Limericks
February 8, 2016

You don’t need to shed your clothes
To show me what I already know.
I’ve still an eye for you.
Trust me. I do,
So hands off those pantyhose!

You don’t need to show any skin
To stun me and reel me in,
For it’s not what’s skin-deep
That makes me leap
For you and makes my head spin.

Your curves you need not flaunt
To send my mind on a jaunt.
Head to toe, hip to bust,
Your shape’s a mere plus.
There’s something else ‘bout you I want.

Let me state my preferences plain:
I love you because of your brain.
You’re smart like a whip
And can think from the hip,
And that’s what drives me insane.

You can clearly think for yourself,
Unswayed by anyone else.
You’re not some bimbo
Who gets used like a ho
Just to end up back on the shelf.

You’ve also got something, you see,
Called personality.
Though you might be loud,
You stand out from the cloud,
Judging from what others hear and see.

You fear not speaking your mind,
Even if it may torch your behind,
You’ve got uncommon sense
Always at your dispense
For those victimized by the grind,

And though you try hard to be sweet,
You’re all ‘bout standing on your own feet,
Not needing a man
For your master plan,
Though you still have one. Ain’t that neat?

You prefer using talent and skill
To make things suit your will,
Too no-nonsense to toy
With the whims of some boy,
For you couldn’t care less for thrills.

You know what you want out of life,
Putting up with all kinds of strife
And BS ‘long the way
‘Til at last comes your day.
Such is what I love in a wife.

To Hell with the frivolous crap!
All that’s but a dire social trap
Of superficial fluff
And meaningless stuff.
Don’t let that fall into your lap.

Don’t succumb to the siren’s wail
And let all you’ve established fail.
You’re better than that.
Just stay on track
As your ship continues to sail.

Don’t sell yourself out to become
Just another set of boobs and bum.
You’ve worked too hard, dear,
Over so many years
To risk being linked to such scum.

You’ve worked too hard to empower
Yourself every waking hour
The conventional way.
Don’t throw that away.
That ain’t the way you bloom, my flower.

Leave the boudoir to the others
To doll themselves up for my brothers.
Let them walk that path
And suffer the wrath
Of society and their own mothers.

Just be your own kind of star,
For I love you for who you are,
And I’ll lament the day
Your brilliance fades ‘way,
As you outshine all else by far.


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4 thoughts on “Poem of the Week: A Love Poem of Linking Limericks

  1. Are you hating on boudoir photography? Because if you are…FOR SHAME, GOOD SIR!!! How DARE you put down women who wish to express their sensual, playful nature for the men in their lives! How DARE you mock boudoir photographers for making on honest dollar in helping such women reconnect with the beauty they have lying within them! Shame on you, my good man! SHAME!!!

    J/k. Nah, seriously, dude, good poem…and a great way to tell women that you appreciate them more for who they really are aside from their physical natures.

    Good fortune!


    • Hey, Jack!

      About the “hating on boudoir photography” thing…not necessarily. I understand that there have been many women over the years, particularly recently, who have had boudoir photo shoots to help give themselves confidence boosts and make themselves feel sexy and desirable, especially by their male partner. If that’s any woman’s thing, then I’m in no position to judge. Besides, I’ve been told that most boudoir photographers—many of which are female, by the way—produce some highly well-received material that’s been known to focus more on sensuality than sexuality…much unlike all the irrefutably erotic and pornographic garbage that’s been floating around and that’s been meant more for members of the Lonely Dudes Club than for anyone else. All the same, I’m far more likely to support women who rely on their intellects, personalities, wits, talent, skills, and the like than I am those who rely on their outward beauty. Beauty is skin-deep), as the saying goes, after all, and only lasts for so long while heart, soul, and brain all last far longer in the grand scheme of things.

      As a matter of fact, this poem actually has more to do with—and is, in fact, dedicated to—those men who feel that their wives don’t have to go that extra mile to please them. Granted, I didn’t explain that in any sort of introduction (although I’ll admit that I probably should have), but the message more or less speaks for itself throughout the course of the work. I should probably do that for the next poem that might spark controversy, but I still hope that fans of boudoir photography aren’t taken too much aback by this piece’s message.

      At any rate, I’m glad you like this entry. Feel free to subscribe and come on back for more soon enough down the road. Take care in the meantime!


  2. I like this poem. Definitely a great message to all the young ladies out there who might turn to pornography, “erotica,” prostitution, stripping/exotic dancing, or other such business in which the women who participate end up sullying themselves and ruining their lives in the vain attempt to garner the genuine love and admiration of any man. Take note, gals: You don’t need to show us your skin to show us your true beauty. Better to rely on what else your Higher Power (God, Nature, etc.) gave you—your brains, your charm, your wit, your talents, your skills, and the like—to do that.

    Preach on, brother!

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