Poem of the Week: Message for a Reactionary

Hello, readers!

This week, I have for you today a reaction to a rant made about a week ago by longtime professional wrestling personality Jim Cornette regarding El Rey Network’s very own Wednesday night pro wrestling program Lucha Underground. To put matters simply, I was put off not by Cornette’s opinion per say, but rather by the words he’d chosen to use in voicing his displeasure with LU. I’m not even surprised by his choice of language, either, nor am I saying that he doesn’t make a solid argument for why he believes LU, in his opinion, isn’t that great of a program. Rather, I’m simply annoyed by the fact that he couldn’t just talk about his distaste and instead felt the need to handle the situation the way he did. Keep in mind, too, that you’re reading this from someone who used to support the show back in the day when it first came on, yet stopped watching it soon after for a number of the same reasons why Cornette himself hates it.

In short, even if you have no interest in pro wrestling yourself, much less Lucha Underground, I hope all the same that you get some sort of entertainment from the poem below. Also, Mr. Cornette, I doubt you’re reading this, but in the rare event that you might be, keep in mind that a little respect—and maturity—goes a long way.

Thank you all, and enjoy!

Dustin M. Weber


Message for a Reactionary
February 2, 2016

Don’t like it?
Don’t understand it?
It doesn’t matter.
It isn’t up to you—
You with your ranting,
You with your raging,
Raging with self-entitlement,
Raging with venom.
Venom towards something fresh,
Venom towards something different—
Different from the usual,
Different from what you’ve known,
Known for decades,
Known to work back then,
Then before the Internet,
Then before the illusion died,
Died from obsoleteness,
Died with change,
Change with the times,
Change in the business.
Business changes with time.
Business moves ever forward—
Thinking of new ideas,
Thinking of what else can be.
Be mindful, then!
Be respectful—
Respectful of new things,
Respectful of that which you may dislike,
Dislike for this reason,
Dislike for that.
That is how grownups behave.
That is how to handle change.
Change with the times.
Change your ways,
Ways of reacting,
Ways of thinking—
Thinking of the future,
Thinking what else can be,
Be an alternative,
Be an option,
Option for a new generation,
Option for a new crowd,
Crowd to fill an arena,
Crowd to fill an account.
Account for the better.
Account for change.


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