Poem of the Week: Everywhere a Crisis

Everywhere a Crisis
January 26, 2016

Everywhere a crisis and often over squat,
Seeing injustice in the most minor of things.
Remarks so insipid that they make sane brains rot,
Yet the ignorant follow and help fuel the sting.

From faceless folks to those in the public limelight
Making such a fuss over the innocuous,
Mounting their soapboxes, screaming about their plight
So loudly and often that it’s ridiculous.

‘Twas all outrageous once upon a time, but now
It’s only gotten worse and will keep doing so.
If there was but a way we can stop it somehow…
But none can shut up fools for long, much to our woe.

Alas, all we can do is think for ourselves, friends,
When regarding stuff of questionable repute
And rely on logic to see us to the end,
And when the ignorant speak, stand up and refute,

For only courage and wisdom can see us through
When the self-righteous speak about which they know not
In an effort to brainwash folks like me and you
And have us join them in suffering from brain rot.

Think for yourselves, gang. That’s all I can really say,
For only you can shape your own thoughts and feelings.
Stand tall against ignorance, should you see the day
When truth wins after all and sends all fools reeling.


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