Poem of the Week: Unplugged and Loving It

Unplugged and Loving It
December 27, 2015

What a relief to be away from my computer
And not be glued to its glowing screen,
Panning and drooling like a fool, wasting my life away
When I could better spend my time, if you know what I mean.

What joy it is for me to read an actual book for a change
And not have to rely on my book or iPad.
Reading an exciting story, turning actual paper pages
With my fingertips—what fun to be had!

What luck I’ve had discovering this brand new TV station
And not have to rely on Hulu or Netflix
Or even YouTube to reconnect with the shows of yesterday.
What a way for me to get my nostalgia fix!

As for all these games I can play for “free” on my phone…
Good riddance to them! I’ve no need for them,
Especially when they ask for cash to be fully playable.
Why not ask for a full payment up front, then?

Seriously, being with loved ones in person’s a blast.
It’s the kind of energy that gets me high
Without the need of caffeine, booze, or other drugs
And certainly without any kind of WiFi.

Can any machine or other piece of electronica
Give me that feeling? I honestly doubt,
‘Cause even chatting with folks on Skype makes me feel desolated,
Knowing that afterwards, I’m left alone to pout

About how much I’ve distanced myself from the rest of humankind
And how I could wish I could turn back the clock
So that I wouldn’t have to make my gadgets my best friends
And all my self-isolation I wouldn’t have to drop.

Let this be a lesson to me, then, in how to pay
Closer attention to the outside world
And not allow myself to be shut in, especially at my age
When the rest of my life has yet to unfurl.

This world is complex enough as it is, after all,
Without our fixation with certain technology.
Why should I, too, succumb to letting such a thing rule my life
And make it shape whom I’m still bound to be?


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