Poem of the Week: Hate Mongers

Hate Mongers
December 14, 2015

I don’t get where some folks get off saying others deserve to die.
So much hatred in such people’s hearts, and I honestly don’t know why,
Especially when the slain had done nothing to harm others at all.
Seriously, why do some people demand others take a fall?

So much unprovoked evil lurking in humanity’s hearts.
So much to do to purge it all, too! I sure don’t know where to start.
I may have an inkling, I’ll admit, but an inkling’s all it is,
And should one choose to save these foul souls, such will be a taxing biz.

After all, in this nasty, violent world, so many are set in their ways,
And it may take an eternity ‘til we finally see brighter days.
Such a golden age may not even happen in our lifetime, according to me,
For we’ve got a long way to go to shape up, from what I can see,

So strong has hatred proven to be a driving force through the years.
So long have we wallowed in prejudice, paranoia, and fear.
So long have we battled each other, but for what reason ultimately?
Why do we all hate each other? What’s the reason I fail to see?

What are these claims I’ve heard of others brazenly living in sin
And being part of the problem we face—this mess we’ve long been in?
Have the claim makers lived amongst them? How would they otherwise know
To inform those who trust their words of the “wickedness” these “sinners” sow?

Upon what grounds do these speakers make such bold accusations
That they spread to the very corners of every civilizations?
Are the people upon whom they rant truly vile or just misunderstood?
Should we really beware of their presence in our workplaces and neighborhoods?

Such is what I’ve come to wonder each time I hear words so mighty,
For I’ve learned over my many years that it doesn’t pay to be flighty.
There’s never one side to any story, and it’s thus simply wise to hear
Each side before at long last deciding what it is we should fear.

Alas, not everyone’s like that, for some blindly follow the pack
In thinking everybody of a given group are on the attack
And need to be exterminated before they bring the world to its knees.
Oh, how I wish everyone on Earth would think for themselves! Please?

At whatever rate, this hatred has gotten way out of hand,
And we all must put an end to it before it takes over each land
And turns us all into raging, ruthless bigots, ready to kill on sight
Anybody whom we suspect is evil or simply just not right.

Enough is enough with these biases unfounded in logic or sense!
This world is warped enough as it is. ‘Tis wisdom we must dispense
And teach the lesson of tolerance to our kids in hope that they
Will learn from our faults and see to it that the world sees a better day.

As for the hate mongers, let’s do what we can to confiscate their power
And reward it to less foul-minded folks in hopes they’ll ring in the hour
In which the rest of us can know peace and prosperity at long last
For all time, hopefully, so that we can leave our hatred in the past.


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