Poem of the Week: Courage in the Face of Despair

Dear readers:

The following poem is dedicated to those who have lost someone in the terrorist attacks this past Friday in Paris. Usually, I prefer to stay away from issues that are this grisly for fear of exploiting them, but on the same token, I would be out of line not to wish the victims’ loved ones well in their efforts to cope with this terrible situation. Please forgive this tardy response, then, and let it be known that my thoughts and prayers are with you folks.

Dustin M. Weber


Courage in the Face of Despair
November 16, 2015

One moment, things for you are going well—
Could not be better, in fact, you might say.
Then something suddenly damns all to hell,
Leaving you smashed and shattered in some way.
Try though you might to pick the pieces up,
Putting them back together’s not easy.
Remembering how they fit can be tough,
And even success can leave you queasy.
Still, you must stay strong, rooted in your task
To overcome the odds, grim though they be,
For your courage is all that one can ask
For in the wake of bleak reality.
Keep a steady mind, then, and a stout heart
As you make for yourself a brand new start.


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