Poem of the Week: A Message to Madam Doubt

Hey, readers!

Sorry I’m as late as I am in posting this latest poem of mine. I don’t have a good excuse for my tardiness, but I nonetheless hope this composition was worth the wait. Please enjoy, and thank you all for your support.

Dustin M. Weber


A Message to Madam Doubt
November 6, 2015

I am not stupid. I am not dumb.
I’m not the loser you think I’ve become.
I’m not as useless as you’d like to say
Just ‘cause I don’t ace it all right away,

Yet you belittle me each chance you get,
Scoffing at the lack of success I’ve met,
Scolding me for even tiny mistakes
I’ve made ‘long the way. Give me a break!

How many folks get it right the first try?
Am I so worthless that you want me to die?
I know claiming I’m only human’s cliché,
But are my flaws so grand that I need to pay

In the worst way possible? Gee, that’s extreme,
And not quite constructive, if you know what I mean.
What have I done to prove I’m a curse—
A thorn in the side of humanity or worse?

Besides, even you’re not perfect, my dear,
So in terms of insults, you’d better steer clear,
Lest you wish for me to expose all your faults
To the world. Don’t believe me? Let’s open the vault.

To start off, you’re an arrogant, overbearing nag
Who’s quick to find fault in others and rag
‘Bout how inferior others are in your eyes
And, to you, which virtues they have are lies.

The way you hide behind your scorn, furthermore,
Sickly exposes what you have in store
As far as personal issues go,
Which you take out on others, much to their woe,

With such frequency that it makes me puke
And criticisms towards you, you swiftly refute—
Often enough screaming like Debra Barone,
Shrieking defiantly with a banshee’s shrill tone.

Such is how two-faced you can be,
Wreaking with fetid hypocrisy
With plenty of stench to fill any room
Which I’m surprised hasn’t led to your doom,

But fear not, for lest you clean up your act,
Your obnoxiousness shall stab you in the back
And leave you writhing on the floor in pain
While “bottom feeders” like me finally gain

All we’ve struggled for and all we’ve cared about,
Even while hearing hate spew forth from the mouths
Of people like you who fail to believe
We’re worth anything and will someday achieve

Any of that which we’ve been fighting for:
Justice, redemption, prosperity, and more.
We’ve got what it takes. Just you wait and see,
And you shall soon witness what we can be

And how what we do can change the world,
So sit back and watch the future unfurl
And prepare to eat all your disparaging words
As I and others finally get to be heard

By those who’ll see us for what we are
In truth and will follow us near and far,
Hearing what we have to say to them all,
And they’ll help us soar ‘til when we’re meant to fall.

It might not be tomorrow or even next year,
But it’ll happen soon. Just you wait, dear,
And you’ll see with your own eyes what I am
Deep down inside. Take that to heart, ma’am.


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