Bonus Poem of the Week: Bring Back Yesterday’s Values

Bring Back Yesterday’s Values
October 19, 2015

When our icons can’t even save us
From the tackiness that plagues us
And instead give in
To the very sins
That for long have enslaved us,

When balance ‘tween right and wrong
Has evaded us for so long
And both have caused harm
In various swarms
Both in act and in song,

When the masses pine for the days
When we all followed simpler ways,
Things are clearly a mess,
Which cannot be stressed
Enough, for it’s the thing to say,

And something needs to be done
To send trouble on the run
And at last put to sleep
This problem so deep
That’s affected everyone,

And just between you and me,
I doubt that the past is the key
In and of itself,
So leave that on its shelf,
Lest you believe in this theory:

Take the morals and values we knew
Way back when ‘fore things made us blue
And apply them today
To all we see and say
And especially to all we do.

Let’s try being wholesome again
Like we tried to be way back when
And steer clear of the smut
That’s put us in a rut
And stick to a standard again.

Let’s all show some courtesy,
Common sense, and decency
If we hope to combat
Everything that’s crap
In modern society.

Let’s avoid filth like the disease
It is and do as we please
To promote what we feel
Ought to be real
And spread our message sea to sea

And even abroad, if we can
For the sake of each woman and man
Who, too, suffers from
Exposure to the scum
That’s corrupted the soul of each land.

After all, if we want change—
If we want things to be rearranged—
It’s no less than a must
For things to start with us.
‘Tis the action that shouldn’t be strange,

For if we want to set things right,
It’s our job to shine that light,
For whom else can we trust
When change becomes a must
And only we can lead the fight?

Come on, then! Let’s get to work, gang,
And show that we all give a dang!
Let’s all send today’s ills
To drown in the swill
They’ve made from our nostalgic pangs

And forge a new global tradition
Of happiness brought to fruition
Thanks to values past
Resurrected to last
For all times. Such should be our mission.


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