Poem of the Week: An Admittedly Long-Winded Poem about Fan Support

An Admittedly Long-Winded Poem about Fan Support
October 15, 2015

For every schoolyard bully who gets in a classmate’s face,
We’re told there is a teacher to help put her in her place.
For every mugger who mauls his prey and swipes their hard-earned cash,
We’re told the cops are on the prowl to cuff and cage his ass.
For every maniac with world domination on his mind,
We’re told some nation’s leader’s set on squashing his sorry behind.

However, what about the evils we see on TV,
In cinema, and in literature, plain as plain can be?
What about the vileness we hear on the radio?
Just how do we respond to the notes that bring us woe?
What about all the glitches that corrupt our video games
And act how they aren’t supposed to, driving many of us insane?

Do we avoid the bad stuff and sing about the good,
Praising the latter for its merits like any fan should
And spread the word about it so that folks give it a try
And end up liking it every bit as much as you and I,
Or do we all succumb to the same bombastic hype
That everybody else does, only in the end to gripe
About the wretched filth that the masses scoop on up
And eat in droves while smiling like starving, clueless pups?

Do we make sure our tastes, morals, and values stay in tact
When it comes to entertainment, or do we fall off track
And let people who know better or who are biased as hell
Shove smut and nonsense in our face and tell us all it’s swell?
Do we stand by our standards and stay true to ourselves
Or let our morbid curiosity determine what line our shelves?

Do we allow fresh ideas and strong morals to shine
And that which promote these messages exist to last all time,
Or do we let the mindless majority sway our stance
And destroy all we love and once loved before it has that chance?

Plus, in the case of the former, just how loud are we
In voicing our opinion on how things ought to be?
Do we give others a chance to hear what we truly feel,
Or do we keep it to ourselves while Father Time spins his wheels
And let the wicked carry on deceiving the masses,
Warping folks’ collective mind ‘til all are senseless and classless
And society as we know it forfeits its last chance to be great
And declines into dystopia—a violent, sickly state?

The choice is yours, dear readers, to fight for what you believe.
Do you stand for class and honesty while others deceive
In hopes of ushering what could be a new golden age
Where truth and wisdom permeate ‘cross each screen, station, and page,
Or will you let the current status quo continue to
Destroy the morals and values that have made me and you
And bring civilization down to worse than it is now?
Such is the conundrum we’ve been facing for so long, and how!


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