Poem of the Week: Aging Insecurities

Aging Insecurities
October 15, 2015

Growing old,
Growing tired,
Tired as in fatigued,
Tired as in irritated,
Irritated with stiff bones,
Irritated with withered muscles,
Muscles once powerful,
Muscles once capable—
Capable daily doings,
Capable of tending to family,
Family who now tends to me,
Family who now handles my needs,
Needs of comfort,
Needs of companionship—
Companionship I once had,
Companionship from my friends,
Friends now long gone,
Friends now buried—
Buried within the past,
Buried within my mind,
Mind no longer steady,
Mind no longer sharp,
Sharp like a needle,
Sharp and perceptive,
Perceptive of the world,
Perceptive of life—
Life I once knew,
Life I once had,
Had I only been wiser,
Had I only known,
Known things would be this way,
Known the days would go by—
By so quickly,
By so suddenly,
Suddenly leading to this.
Suddenly, here I am.
Am I just overlooking something?
Am I not seeing things right?
Right in front of me,
Right before my eyes—
Eyes also failing,
Eyes nearly blind,
Blind to true misery,
Blind to true deprivation,
Deprivation that others suffer,
Deprivation of what I have now.
Now that’s a scary thought.
Now that perturbs me.


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