Bonus Poem of the Week: Something Has Got to Change

Something Has Got to Change
October 5, 2015

It’s not about talent anymore. It’s not about sharing a gift.
It’s not about doing what it takes to give the business a lift.
It’s not about working hard or being original or having fun.
It’s about pandering to the lowest common denominator, hon.

Gone are the gritty gladiators who scratch and claw their way
To the top of the mountain that’s their field. Apparently, that’s passé.
Instead, we have whiny men-children who cry about their life lot
Who spend most of their time wallowing in nostalgia, self-pity, and snot.

Damned be the innocent romance so charming and heartfelt.
Why bother with wholesome purity with blatant smut flying off shelves—
The kind that makes even old ladies swoon and rave like teenage girls
Of “dream men” who’re really tortuous beasts ‘neath their boyish curls?

Why bother trying to be witty when you can instead be lewd?
That’s the kind of humor that sells these days: loud and crude.
Why try to be clever and subtle when you can shock the masses
And be an insensitive creep all you want to appeal to other jackasses?

Gone are those who’ve moved things forward with tales vibrant and fresh,
Putting new spins on what we know and crafty notions to the test.
Instead, we’ve more of the same old sludge clogging up our brain pipes—
Recycled rubbish from just yesterday—fad-fueled, self-dating tripe.

What happened to the revolution? Where’s all the spark and fire?
Where are the courage and drive that once took entertainment higher?
Where’s the reward for taking a risk and being open and true?
Trust me, if you think these practices still matter, I’ve news for you:

It’s all about making money these days—the good ol’ Almighty Dollar—
And getting the masses to speak of you, no matter how it is they holler.
Who cares how you get your attention when folks foolishly get behind
That which satisfies their shrunken standards and pleases their warped minds?

That’s how things have gotten now, and yeah, it sickens me, too,
When people buy crap for purchasing’s sake just ‘cause said crap is new
And read, watch, and listen to anything just to fill in the void
Of whatever idle time they have, and what’s more that gets me annoyed

Is how the truly wonderful works of each same industry
Are ignored by the masses and media both—which also includes you and me—
Never to see the light of day, save for maybe those who try
To root for them through the dirt and ensure their legends never die.

This pattern has got to stop somehow. Something has got to change.
Entertainment’s been trash for far too long and must be rearranged
So that the hacks who’ve become millionaires can stop hogging the sun
And talented folks can take over and produce quality works for everyone.

After all, many are wising up to the swill they’ve been fed
For so many years, and they, too, now wish this era was dead.
Sadly, there are still many who don’t see the warning signs
Of what may soon be, should we all leave our principles behind.

It’s thus up to all of us to ensure the quality of old return
And that into Hell’s fires go all the trash, forever to burn
Into naught but a mound of ash, for that’s how they should be
So that talent once again shines for all time. Now, who’s with me?


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2 thoughts on “Bonus Poem of the Week: Something Has Got to Change

  1. I agree. Sad but true. Hope things change soon…

    In the meantime, thanks for sharing this masterpiece with the world, and keep on writing! Hopefully your success in the literary world will change things for the better.

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