Poem of the Week: Era of the Doomsayer

Era of the Doomsayer
September 28, 2015

Psychos, psychos everywhere, bringing me to my knees,
Preaching ‘bout doom and Judgment Day, saying whatever they please,
No matter the lack of logic, for they’ve no common sense—
Not that they’d listen anyway, no matter how much folks dispense.

Reason is alien to them, they’re so set in their ways,
Waiting for Armageddon, proclaiming the End of Days,
No one with any understanding of why certain things are—
Just empty overreacting, their own song carving the scar.

So loudly and often do they preach about the end of the world
About how the cosmos will pluck Earth off its axis and hurl
Our beloved planet into darkness that if I didn’t know better,
If they’d any weapons of mass destruction, they’d do just that altogether.

The way they go on about the “End Times,” I’m left to think
These people want the world to die and humanity thus extinct.
Why anyone would want that is beyond my comprehension,
But it disturbs me to where I wish I lived in another dimension.

These people are of a dangerous mind and must be watched at all costs,
For if not, they might do something rash, and who knows what’ll be lost?
I can’t imagine what it’d be to turn someone down this path,
But one thing’s for sure, and that’s that I’m disturbed by their wrath.

‘Tis the era of the doomsayer, dangerous and ill-informed,
And all who’re striving for better in this world had best be warned,
For another brand of sickos roams our city streets day and night,
And only Heaven knows when they’ll snap and make us put up a fight.


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