Bonus Poem of the Week: Dream of Tomorrow

Dream of Tomorrow
September 28, 2015

We can’t always live in the past
Where pain and misery last,
For the pain was then,
Meaning way back when,
And has thoroughly amassed

Into an adamantine lump—
An indestructible clump
Of misery and lies,
Feces and flies,
That stands tall, never to be dumped,

Never heeding to push or tug,
Never to be swept ‘neath a rug,
Standing proud and tall
Against it all
And impossible to squash like a bug.

I thus find it needless to say
That the crap just won’t go away.
There’s just one thing you,
Therefore, can do
To help the angst go away:

Turn your eyes to the road ahead
And observe all that isn’t dead
And at least try to see
All that can be,
Should folks like you just use your heads.

The future needs not be so dim,
For not all needs to be grim.
The potential exists
For scrap to be fixed
And a world worth living in

To at long last emerge from the ash,
Dust, and rubble we know as the past—
A world where the good
Thrive in each neighborhood
And strive to make it all last

For everyone far and near
With bells ringing loud and clear
To welcome peace
And good fortune for each
Person with heart and ears to hear—

A place where all children can learn
And grow and not be spurned
‘Cause they’re not like the rest
And can become the best
They can be so that when their turn

Comes for them to take on the world,
An even brighter age can unfurl
And continue to grow
‘Til only Heaven knows.
Don’t you think such a dream’s worth a whirl?

Well, in order for it to take place
Requires courage in the face
Of that which once was,
So straighten up, cuz,
For the future now needs to take place.

History may have hurt you so
And filled you with grief and woe,
But you can’t let it hold
You back in the cold,
And it’s up to you to prove it so.

Now’s the time to shake off those chains
And don’t let them dare detain
You from lending a hand
To each woman and man
Who, too, want to shake off the pain.

Believe me. You’re no alone,
And you needn’t do it on your own.
Just join the crusade
For the dream to be made
A reality, and in turn, you’ll own

Once again a piece of your soul
That will help you endure the toll
That’s happened to you
And all that you’ve been through,
So come on! Step out of your hole

And let’s all move on from the pain
From which none of us can gain
Anything of value.
There’s just too much to do,
Lest we want all hope flushed down the drain.


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