Poem of the Week: Senseless and Stupid

Senseless and Stupid
September 27, 2015

Bullying is senseless.
Bullying is stupid—
Stupid entertainment;
Stupid, simple minds;
Minds too weak,
Minds too simple,
Simple to know compassion,
Simple to know respect—
Respect for those not like them,
Respect for those who are different,
Different physically,
Different mentally,
Mentally warped,
Mentally scarred—
Scarred by brutal beatings,
Scarred by hateful words,
Words unfounded,
Words unprovoked,
Unprovoked insults,
Unprovoked ridicule—
Ridicule that haunts,
Ridicule that festers,
Festers for years,
Festers even into adulthood—
Adulthood compromised at best;
Adulthood, at worst, ruined;
Ruined by others’ immaturity,
Ruined by others’ insecurities,
Insecurities in life,
Insecurities with themselves—
Themselves weak,
Themselves scared.
Scared of whom?
Scared of what?
What mishandled fear!
What misappropriated insecurities—
Insecurities not overcome,
Insecurities passed on,
On to predictable prey,
On to “weaker” prey—
Prey of stronger moral fiber,
Prey undeserving,
Undeserving of the derision,
Undeserving of the cruelty!
Cruelty out of boredom,
Cruelty out of weakness,
Weakness so dirty,
Weakness of the soul.


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