Poem of the Week: Barking Fits

Barking DogBarking Fits
September 22, 2015

Woof, woof, bay, and a bow-wow-wow!
Gee, that noise ticks me off, and how!
Every day and night at the slightest sound,
Even when there’s no one or nothing else around.

It pierces my conscious when I’m deep in thought,
And before I know it, my efforts are for naught.
Whatever could it be to send you into a tizzy
And give me a headache strong enough to make me dizzy?

Could it be a prowler breaking into our house?
Could it be a household pest like a mouse?
Could it be the baby stirring in her crib
Or just me cracking open a can of Mr. Pibb?

Could it be a car door slamming that’s got you tense?
Could it be the girls next door running the fence?
Could it be a rabbit darting across our yard?
Come now. Be honest. This question’s not hard.

Could it be a cyclist racing down the street
Or a trespasser on our walk shuffling her feet?
Could it just be your fancy getting the better of you
To the point where you turn this place into a zoo?

Well, whatever it may be, must you be so loud?
Really, is it your own voice of which you’re proud?
‘Cause it’s really nothing special with the volume maxed out,
Hence why when you hear your name, it’s often in a shout.

What’s worse is how I hear it constantly.
Dang you, foul beast! Whenever will you let me be?
You know how much it bugs me putting you in your place,
‘Specially since I hate getting in a fellow human’s face.

Ah, but who’m I kidding? I love you all the same,
Even with your barking often driving me insane,
And I’ll keep taking care of you any way I can.
Just cool it, though, with your barking fits from now on, man!


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Image used in this post (c) 2015 TheDogPlace.org. The remainder of the content within this post however, is my own.


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