Bonus Poem of the Week: Old Dog

Old Dog
September 10, 2015

Old dog, old dog, living in the sticks,
Have you learned at all any new tricks?
Can you teach these bigshots making all the bucks
To come up with something new that doesn’t suck?

Old dog, old dog, can you keep up
With these ever-changing times and all the new pups
Who’ve grown tired of the old ways and are ready for
A new perspective to come knocking on their door?

Old dog, old dog, have you the tools
To keep up with the Joneses and all these new rules
By which we all now live, be they for right or wrong?
Can you change your tone to sing a new song?

Old dog, old dog, do you miss the days
When the masses lived by simpler, sweeter ways,
Or have you grown tired of such saccharine tastes?
Have we moved on for the better? Was it all a waste?

Old dog, old dog, where will you be
In the next decade or two? Will you be with me,
Reaping all we’ve sown in the present as a race,
Or will you spurn it all and call it a disgrace?

Old dog, old dog, such is the beast,
Never staying new for long—not in the least.
Survival of the fiercest—that’s the way to play
If one hopes to make it for even one more day.

Old dog, old dog, now the time has come.
Will you stay here on the porch, or would you rather run
Free like the breeze, moving you ‘round as you please,
Enduring whatever wear and tear might target your knees?

Either way, old dog, please let me know
Which of these two ways you intend to go.
That way, I can know whether I’ll see you again
Of if my memories of you will be of “way back when.”


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