Poem of the Week: Had It Up to Here

Had It Up to Here
September 3, 2015

I’ve had it up to here with violence.
I’ve had it up to here with ignorance—
Ignorance bred from intolerance
In an era where we could be moving forward,
If we ourselves weren’t so backwards.

For too long, we’ve been moving backwards
With the way we’ve been allowing violence
To thrive as society elsewhere moves forward
And at such a rate that claiming ignorance
Is naught but a show of logical intolerance.

So many folks these days ripe with intolerance,
Be they mentally crippled or just socially backwards.
So high is our collective ignorance
In not perceiving and preventing violence.
So hard it is for us all to truly move forward.

There’s got to be some way to help society move forward.
Let’s at least first nullify our collective ignorance
And talk things out rather than resort to violence
And help the weak of mind from slipping backwards
Before they succumb to a state of worldly ignorance.

After all, our days of claiming ignorance
Are over. Now is time to move forward,
For if we take even one tiny step backwards,
We’ll only return to our days of hostile ignorance,
And we’ll never overcome all this current violence.

End to violence! End to ignorance! End to intolerance!
Either we now move forward, or we’ll forever be backwards.


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