Poem of the Week: Until Tomorrow Has Come

Until Tomorrow Has Come
August 18, 2015

Growing up’s a kick in the pants, for with growing up comes change,
And each year we grow older, the world starts to rearrange.
The things we used to know and love vanish into thin air,
Leaving us with other things, most of which about we don’t care,
And when we try to give a lick, nostalgia gets in the way,
And we’re left sitting and pouting, letting time further slip away.
Worse yet is how the people we knew and loved back then
Grow old and retire from whence we knew them way back when,
And with no one we trust to lean on, we’re more lost than before,
Wondering how we could have let time slide on out the door.
Hopefully by then, we’ve got our acts together and can move on,
But even so, our hope for better days proves oh so strong,
And with the future forever uncertain, all we know is the past
And how we wish such a time, even at its worst, would last,
For the world we knew back then was so much friendlier and cleaner
While the world we know now is a mess and oh so much meaner.
Then again, we were kids then, ignorant to the ills
That plagued the world back in our day and festered it with swill,
And if we were grown up then, who are we to say
That we wouldn’t have been begging then for the past to return in some way?
Who are we to suggest that adulthood wouldn’t hit hard and fast
And make us wish we were younger and living once more in the past?
Let’s face it: yesterday’s familiar to us, which is why
We want it to come back so much, even though you and I
Know all too well that time only moves forward, never back,
And until time travel’s a thing, that’s just how things are, Jack.
Yes, that makes the future even more foreboding, friend—
Especially when you’re clinging to days lost unto the end,
Bust fear not, for not everything’s been reduced to ash,
And if you make the effort to dig for treasure through the trash,
You’ll find something worth holding onto—maybe as good as that
From the good old days in the same vein or even better at that.
Such is the nature of each year; there’s good to come with the bad.
Sometimes it’s more of the latter than the former, which is sad,
But even if that’s the rule, that’s still no reason to give up.
Just keep on searching for what you seek, and you just might have luck
In getting what you’ve been looking for since even you can’t say when,
And soon enough, the future won’t look so terrible, friend.
Tomorrow’s thus not the problem; it’s what it can become,
So fear not what tomorrow can bring until tomorrow has come.


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2 thoughts on “Poem of the Week: Until Tomorrow Has Come

  1. This poem ain’t bad, Dustin, but quite frankly, I’ve read better from you on this blog. Your most previous poem before this one, Decisions, was especially good–eight well- and like-structured stanzas that told a simple, straight-forward, steadily metered narrative. This work, on the other hand, pales in comparison to it because of its predictable rhyme scheme and its structure as just one big block of text.

    Please don’t take my opinion the wrong way; you’re entitled to write whatever pops into your head. I just think you’re a better poet than this and that you deserve to aim higher, is all.

    Thanks for your time.


    • Point well taken…and hey, don’t worry. My next poem will be of a format that’s relatively new to me. Look for it in the coming days. Until then, thanks for the advice!

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