Poem of the Week: Decisions

August 27, 2015

Decisions—not for the weak of mind.
Decisions—not for my dull behind.
Decisions—so many to make,
And I’m not sure how much more my mind can take.

Frustration—feeling so confused.
Frustration—not knowing what to do.
Frustration—so much on my plate
That I need to take care of and just can’t wait.

Organized—what I need to be.
Organized—so my future I can see.
Organized—getting my act together
So I can prepare myself for a change of weather.

Busy—the only way I can last.
Busy—need to stay on task.
Busy—if it’s a future I want
And it’s fame and fortune I want to flaunt.

Focus—what I can’t afford to lack.
Focus—need to stay on track.
Focus—on what I need to get done
If I want to send my troubles on the run.

Impact—what I hope to make.
Impact—even if I break.
Impact—remembered for all time
Along with those who came before me. Is that such a crime?

Icon—what I’m trying to become.
Icon—beloved by most everyone.
Icon—leaving my mark on the biz,
But I’ll never be one with how my work ethic is.

Decision—I’ve finally made one.
Decision—based on what I’ll become.
Decision—now to act it out
So that my dreams will be what my life’s about.


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