Poem of the Week: Singlehood Isn’t Loserhood

Singlehood Isn’t Loserhood
August 12, 2015

There’s no shame in being single.
Marriage isn’t for everyone.
Not everyone can share his or her life,
So why feel the need to be glum?

People fall in and out of love
So often, it makes heads spin.
While one minute’s bliss, the next sees you pissed
‘Cause of what pain you’re in.

Some people can’t help but feel guarded
When their feelings are at stake,
For it’s far too easy for others’ words
And deeds to make their hearts break.

I’m not even talking, either,
About those who’ve loved and lost.
They certainly fit that bill, I’ll admit,
And have paid a heavy cost.

Rather, I’m talking about folks
Whose love’s never been returned—
Whose doting eyes have graced others,
Yet in the end, they’d been spurned.

I also speak of others
Who’ve never loved at all
And thus have never set themselves
Up to take a fall

And yet don’t feel any sort of need
To seek companionship
Outside of friends and family,
For why bother with such a trip

When friends and family provide
All the love and support one needs?
Why bother searching for any more?
Why bother feeding such greed?

Then again, if it’s loneliness
That’s causing a pit in your bowels,
I can understand the need to search
For the one to wipe off your scowl,

And I won’t begrudge you for seeking
The one with whom you’ll share
The rest of your life, for in the end,
When it comes to me, who cares?

Just as long as you’re happy, friend,
And aren’t hurting anyone
As you live your life, then who am I
To hover like a cloud ‘fore your sun?

Just be careful, though, for you know how
The scene can be a pain
And you’re sure to lose time and again
More often than you might gain,

But should you find that special someone,
Props to you the world over.
I wish you both all the luck
Of a million four-leafed clovers,

For that’s what it takes to score “the one,”
Which not many have these days,
And I highly doubt we’ll ever go back
To what were better days,

So keep your chin up either way
And let Fate play as she may,
For singlehood isn’t loserhood,
No matter who else might say.


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