Poem of the Week: No More “Me” Show!

No More “Me” Show!
August 12, 2015

Alright! Enough is enough!
Your time in the sun is up.
It’s time to move on
‘Fore our brains are all gone,
You sick, attention-grubbing pup.

You’re not whom our kids should be,
Doing naught for society,
Save to hog the limelight
Ev’ry day and night
From hopeful celebrities—

People who break their backs
And even risk heart attacks
To make themselves a name
In this sick game of fame
‘Fore their empty lives fade to black.

Your actions are nothing new
From what the rest of us go through
Winter, spring, summer, fall.
Yet you broadcast it all
And turn your life into a zoo

Where the lonely and bored come to see
How you pretend your life to be,
Filled with chaos and drama.
Hey, it’s nothing new, mama—
As phony as phony can be.

It’s all so transparent, it’s sick
And nothing can do the trick
For you to fool us,
So call for a bus
And hit the stinking bricks.

Just go far, far away, please,
And let us all be at ease
So we can focus on
More pressing goings-on
‘Fore ignorance brings us to our knees.

I don’t see how it’s so strange
To insist things be arranged.
Enough is enough
With this “Me” show stuff.
The time has long come for a change.


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