Bonus Poem of the Week: Back to School Blitz

Back to School Blitz
August 5, 2015

Back to school,
Back to the grind.
Grind figures,
Grind facts—
Facts of life,
Facts of childhood.
Childhood cherished.
Childhood too short,
Short to waste on drudgery,
Short to waste on the trivial:
Trivial toiling,
Trivial lectures—
Lectures about reality,
Lectures about the world—
World beyond childhood,
World where adults reign,
Reign over life,
Reign with knowledge,
Knowledge of how things work,
Knowledge of how things should work—
Work for us,
Work for the masses,
Masses of starry-eyed wanderers,
Masses of starry-eyed wonderers,
Wonderers of the future
Wonderers of tomorrow.
Tomorrow is a new day.
Tomorrow is a new deal.
Deal with something new.
Deal with something familiar—
Familiar situation,
Familiar setting,
Setting a new foundation,
Setting up days to be.
Be prepared.
Be vigilant—
Vigilant in pursuing greatness,
Vigilant in making a statement:
Statement to last a lifetime,
Statement of who you are.
Are you ready?
Are you prepared?
Prepared for another year?
Prepared for another step—
Step toward the future?
Step towards the rest of your life,
Life that awaits you?
Life that lies ahead?


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