Poem of the Week: What Wills, Thrills, Chills, Fills, and Kills the Cat

What Wills, Thrills, Chills, Fills, and Kills the Cat
July 21, 2015

Why do people think filth is where it’s at?
Simple: Curiosity wills the cat.

We know it’s bad for us, but we don’t care.
Our morbid need to know still wills the cat,

Pushing us ever forward to find out
Precisely what it is that thrills the cat.

The media know this all too well, too,
And do all that they can to thrill the cat

With juicy gossip galore left and right
‘Bout the latest smut out to chill the cat—

Racy, raunchy, tacky trash through and through,
And all just enough so to thrill the cat

Without the burden of healthy substance
That would dare cramp what style may chill the cat.

Rarely, if ever, does clean, wholesome stuff
Get any sort of chance to thrill the cat,

No matter how lovingly made it is
With quality enough to thrill the cat—

A solid plot, likeable characters,
And a message that hopes to fill the cat

With wisdom and wit to last a lifetime.
Such is what used to, for us, thrill the cat.

Just as times have changed, though, so have our tastes.
No longer do good stories thrill the cat,

And we’ve but ourselves to blame for it all
With our need nowadays to chill the cat

With that which we know is naught but rubbish
Rather than what we know will fill the cat

With warmth of heart and soul and sense of smarts,
Funding instead those who now fill the cat

With thoughts of violence and perversion and
Language hateful enough to kill the cat,

Defiling what’s left of our innocence.
Meanwhile, all those who’ve tried to fill the cat

Have been ignored and tossed aside like trash,
Their words never to fill or thrill the cat.
That’s how it’s been one year after the next
For far too long now, and it kills the cat

Knowing things haven’t been the same since the
Days when curiosity filled the cat

With hope, laughter, amazement, and wonder.
Will such a time return to thrill the cat?

Honestly, only if we stop letting
Our foul curiosity kill the cat

And learn to see for ourselves good from bad
Before curiosity kills the cat

And support that which has been made with care,
Not stuff made blatantly to chill the cat.

Only then will things evolve, so let’s not
Let our curiosity kill the cat.

More learning, thinking, knowing: That’s the stuff
That will once again someday thrill the cat.


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