Poem of the Week: The Last Ingredient

The Last Ingredient
July 7, 2015

Can’t remember what,
Can’t remember when.
When did I begin?
When will this end—
End for good,
End once and for all?
All the time I’ve cashed in,
All the effort I’ve wasted—
Wasted on this,
Wasted on that—
That which I’ll never get back,
That I’ve let go by,
By the day,
By the year,
Year without cessation,
Year without a breath—
Breath of fresh air,
Breath of life,
Life long past,
Life I could’ve had,
Had to cherish,
Had to celebrate,
Celebrate with friends,
Celebrate with family,
Family who still support me,
Family still put up with me,
Me and this crazy lifestyle,
Me and these silly projects—
Projects with little prospect,
Projects of my own creation.
Creation is my thing.
Creation is what I live for—
For my own piece of mind,
For my own wellbeing,
Wellbeing now bruised,
Wellbeing now battered—
Battered but not broken,
Battered but mendable,
Mendable in due time,
Mendable with love,
Love from those who care,
Love for what I do.
Do I have what it takes?
Do I have the courage—
Courage to fulfill my dreams,
Courage to shine at last?
Last ingredient I need to succeed,
Last ingredient I need to thrive…


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