Poem of the Week: Real Women, Strong Women

Real Women, Strong Women
June 16, 2015

Real women,
Real deal—
Deal of a lifetime,
Deal worth having,
Having by your side,
Having to hold.
Hold on dearly.
Hold on loosely, though.
Though they’re worth everything,
Though they be a treasure,
Treasure their autonomy.
Treasure their independence—
Independence from solitude,
Independence from the home,
Home where the heart still is,
Home where their money goes,
Goes to support the family,
Goes to those whom they love—
Love more than affection,
Love more than words.
Words can’t hold them back.
Words shouldn’t hold them back,
Back from living free,
Back from their dreams—
Dreams inspired by those before them,
Dreams of greatness,
Greatness that isn’t men’s alone,
Greatness and notoriety,
Notoriety for talent,
Notoriety for wisdom—
Wisdom that this world solely misses,
Wisdom that we all need,
Need in our lives,
Need for our collective piece of mind,
Mind worth not wasting,
Mind worth preserving—
Preserving like women’s love,
Preserving with all our heart and souls,
Souls of lovers,
Souls of fighters,
Fighters for family,
Fighters for their place,
Place amongst humanity,
Place in the world,
World most unforgiving,
World of competition—
Competition between the strong,
Competition between men and women…


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