Bonus Poem of the Week: Lunatics Like You

Lunatics Like You
June 11, 2015

You said you’ve done your research, then you opened up your mouth,
And from your first sentence on, your argument went south,
For anyone with a working mind can already tell
That you don’t know Fresca from feces or Heaven from Earth from Hell.
You babble on about topics you’ve clearly no knowledge of
And show your utter ignorance about that which you don’t love.
You rant about lost knowledge you claim has been hidden for years
That even a fool can discover, should said fool have eyes and ears.
You twist well-known facts around to satisfy an end
And regurgitate these lies in exchange for support from your friends.
You play upon paranoia others have of the unknown,
Hoping they’ll be gullible to accept your words as their own.
You preach about a “New World Order” conquering society,
Claiming to warn all about the chaos that might be,
When in reality, you’re the one egging on the rebellion
In hopes of toppling the tyrants according to your own mind, hellion,
And shattering the masses’ hopes for peace and prosperity
That could’ve been the product of what you’d overthrow, you see.
Alas, you claim these despots are keeping knowledge from you—
Knowledge that, if you had it, what exactly would you do?
Would you do precisely what you’re accusing them of
And bend the common folk to your will while you attained all the power
You could until your life expired, spending every hour
Gathering every odd and end of information you could
To fulfill an ultimate conclusion that might not prove to be good?
Then who’d the autocrat be after all? Who’d be the maniac?
Who’d be the subjugating fiend for others to attack?
Who’d be no better than Hitler, out to serve only himself?
Come now! Stop with your lies, you hyperbolic whelp.
Why would you want all the knowledge in the world anyway
When you know you wouldn’t use it responsibly on any day?
Don’t you know knowledge is only worth what it’s used for,
Regardless of who’s using it or behind how many doors?
Besides, can your mind even process the facts you may find,
Especially considering those you misconstrued at one time?
Are you sure your mind won’t melt from all the mental pressure
You just might suffer upon accumulating such treasure?
You barely know how to use the knowledge you’ve collected now
For anyone’s benefit but your own, so don’t try to be a sow
And hog it all and misuse it, for I can pretty much guarantee
Things’ll only be worse than before for everyone—you, me,
Your very own clueless legions and everyone else we know,
So please do the world a favor and don’t bring about more woe,
For we’ve already suffered enough from lunatics like you,
And we can’t afford to suffer anymore hitting us out of the blue.
Now, clean up your act, silence yourself, and don’t say another word.
Your inane, groundless hypotheses are the worst I’ve ever heard.


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