Poem of the Week: Rant against Nostalgic Media

Rant against Nostalgic Media
June 9, 2015

Stop feeding me yesterday!
I’m done living in the past.
What’s done is done
And no longer fun,
So leave it all in the past.

I want new memories to last
From now ‘til my life’s done,
So out with the old!
Dare to be bold,
For a new era’s begun.

Let’s hear some new songs be sung
And some new stories be told.
There must be a way
To bring in a new day
‘Fore our souls be all bought and sold.

The stories of old just bear too much mold
To feed our children today.
Leave them thus in the past!
They need new stuff to last
And call their own during these days.


Author Pages: Smashwords.com




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