Bonus Poem of the Week: The Persistent Solicitor

The Persistent Solicitor
June 3, 2015

Hey there, neighbor! Want to donate your car
And help a vet with your contribution?
If not, we’ll keep calling you near and far,
Ceaselessly ’til you find a solution
To our weekly calls, least ’til you hit “9.”
Then we’ll take you off our calling list, friend…
Just to add you back to it, pal o’ mine,
And call some more ’til you’re at your wits’ end,
And should you call us to be taken off,
We’ll just cuss you out simply ’cause we can.
After all, we’re legit, so don’t you scoff,
Lest it’s at some site claiming we’re a scam,*
No matter how many of them you see.
Just give us your car, you son of a B!


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