Bonus Poem of the Week: What the Hell’s Wrong with You?

What the Hell’s Wrong with You?
May 14, 2015

What the hell’s wrong with you?
What did I ever do
To get you to tease
Me as you please?
Just what’s the deal with you?

Why do I deserve your hate?
Is it ‘cause you can’t relate
To whom I may be,
Whomever you see?
Honestly, what’s your whole debate?

I don’t even know your name,
And yet, you’re causing me pain.
What did I ever do
To upset you?
Are you simply insane?

You’re insulting me left and right,
Always trying to pick a fight,
Taunting me ‘hind my back,
Coaxing me to attack
And put out your stinking lights.

You’re lying ‘bout me each chance
You get with no kick in the pants,
Laughing at me all the way
As you ruin my day
And miserably through life I advance.

My slightest mannerisms you mock
From my beliefs to how I walk,
And with each winning goad,
You hide ‘hind your toads
And ridicule me ‘fore I can balk,

And should I dare give you chase,
You duck down and hide your face.
You think you’re so clever,
Thinking that I’ll never
Put your chicken ass in its place.

You think you’re so funny and cute,
And your stupid friends think in suit,
Yet really, you’re just mean
For no reason to be seen
And petty and obnoxious to boot.

What is it that goes through your head
And tells you to swamp me with dread?
What is it you get
From making me fret
From morning ‘til I go to bed?

What joy do you get from my grief—
From causing me to get no sleep?
Are you trying to make me crack?
Is your heart that black,
Or is there some secret you keep?

Whatever your excuse, go away.
Let me be and stop ruining my day.
I don’t care if you scoff.
You’re pissing me off,
In case you’re numb to my display.

I’d never do the same to you
And put you what you’ve put me through,
Fighting fire with fire,
So please just retire
Your insufferable, childish doo-doo.

You’re cutting me to the bone
And amusing yourself alone
And maybe your friends,
So this torment must end.
Just shut up, back off, and go home.

I already have enough distress
Without you putting me to the test,
So why don’t you grow up
‘Fore things further blow up
And my life becomes more of a mess?


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